TUNE OF THE WEEK: Inhaler – Who’s Your Money? (Plastic House)

Dublin-based indie rock band Inhaler have shared their new single “Who’s Your Money On?”, which serves as a glimpse of what to expect from their upcoming debut LP It Won’t Always Be Like This.

Produced by Antony Genn and recorded at London’s Narcissus Studios, “Who’s Your Money On?” is an energetic indie anthem, which the band claim captures the essence of their sound.

Frontman Eli Hewson explains further that: “It’s always been a cornerstone song for us and our fans are always talking about it. It’s a love letter to our fans and that’s why we wanted to choose it to open up the album”.

The bold and captivating nature of this song indicates that very exciting times are coming soon for Inhaler and their fans.

Press play and enjoy the Tune of The Week!


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