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Brooklyn-based electronic R&B duo Tropic unleash their new sultry and smooth single “Lights Out” to ease your mood through the current global pandemic.

Consisting of Hong Kong-born Filipino singer-songwriter Jo-B Sebastian and California-born producer/DJ Phuse, the duo who formed in 2018 have been building solid traction recently with 35k plus monthly listens on Spotify and their last  single release “Alive” accumulated over 140k plays on Spotify.

They are garnering international recognition, especially within South East Asia and will be looking boost their status within other continents with the chilled vibes of “Lights Out”.

Check out our interview with Tropic about “Lights Out” and listen to the lush tune below.


Jo-B: “Lights Out” is a tribute to the rollercoaster ride of emotions when getting over someone that can put you through.

I’ve always felt that the process of getting over a breakup has you shifting between feeling angry, ready to move on, and desperately trying to make things work or at least get some closure.

You surround yourself with friends, you go out, fill your day with activities to keep busy. And finally feel like you’re making progress and are over them.

But then the dust settles, and in your solitude, you have a moment of weakness and everything comes crashing back.

You’re at square one again. It’s that lingering, frustrating, powerless feeling that we tried to capture with “Lights Out.”


Jo-B: “Lights Out” started as a beat Phuse sent over to me. It had this attitude, this sass about it that was so infectious and groovy. But at its core, I felt like there was a cold sense of longing.

It brought me back to a recent breakup I had thought I’d forgotten about, resurrecting all those dark feelings I had swept under the rug.

And suddenly, it was 4AM with only an overwhelming feeling of loneliness to keep me company.

Once I had that emotion in my mind, the lyrics came pouring out. The bouncing, staccato beat inspiring the playful melody.


Phuse: I’ve tried to remix all of our singles at some time or another. It’s always fun to mess with Jo-B’s vocals. And on the original “Lights Out”, the chord progression was so simple, so I wanted to try for a version that was more complex.

I came up with a progression that I was happy with and sent it over to Jo-B. Jo-B elevated the chords which changed my whole mind around the song.

Like much of what we do, a small action from either of us could lead to huge changes. I re-hauled the song again, and when we were both happy with it, we scheduled a time with our homie Daniel to add some bass.

We recorded him for about an hour and stitched together our favorite moments, and the Redux was born.


Jo-B: I believe that despite a songwriter’s initial intention, a great song always hits people in different ways. And listeners find something in the music or lyrics that they can relate to. The “Lights Out (Redux)” always makes me feel warm and melancholic.

When I’m in a mood or feeling low, it’s a song that helps me sort out my frustrations. Misery loves company after all.

When I’m in a happier place, the song is a reminder that I’m in a better place. That I was able to overcome and I can get lost in the track’s funky, soulful energy.

I hope that this song can be whatever our listeners need it to be. A fun, sexy song to dance to in happier times. Or a song to cry it out to in commiseration during harder times.


Jo-B: The best occasion to listen to the “Lights Out” is after listening to all other Tropic songs and before going back for round 2.

Ha! But for real, somewhere tropic, in full view of the sun. Preferably with a cold, fruity beverage in hand far away from any viruses.


Jo-B: “Lights Out (Redux)” is a self-remix of our single from last year. We shot a music video for it that will be out next week!

Listen to and enjoy the new single below!

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