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Nick Dre is a undercover talent ruminating in the underbelly of London. With his swing drum patterns and accentuated bass hits, Nick Dre’s production seems to be emblematic of a classic hip-hop sensibility, however from each song change, you realise that his incorporation of dance and future music melds into a unique subversive sound. With a nice balance between original tracks and remixes, Nick Dre’s music remains easy and engaging, whilst adding a sweet little twist that leaves you bemused and eager for another listen. In this brief chat with Music Umpire, Nick Dre explains to us his process, the equipment he uses and his early influences. 

MU: First off, what was the first song/instrumental that got you interested in production?

Nick Dre: Run DMC’s “Walk This Way”. Hearing them rap over the Aerosmith record was the coolest thing to me and it got me interested in blending tracks together.

MU: Ok. How do you go about trying to mesh different sounds together? What is your process?

Nick Dre: Basically the process is finding different elements that weirdly sound good together.

MU: What does your setup look like now?

Nick Dre: My home studio is pretty basic, I got my Macbook, Logic Pro, NI Maschine, MicroKorg, a MIDI keyboard & a SE1X Mic for vocals.

MU: If you could only use one tool to make music, what would it be?

Nick Dre: Has to be a computer. I love using synths and hardware but fuck it, if I have to I’ll make beats with a mouse & keyboard.

MU: Do you remember the name of the first thing you ever made?

Nick Dre: REDEMPTION RIDDIM!!! It was a piece of shit but I loved it at the time. I was 14.

MU: Haha, the best one we’ve heard so far! Which artists do you think would complement your music the best?

Nick Dre: That’s a hard question. When I listen through my music can’t envision that many artist over it.

MU: Nice. What would be the perfect environment to listen to your music?

Nick Dre: I’m a late night type of person so I think that’s probably the best time to listen to my stuff. However, I look at my music as the soundtrack to my life, so the mood may switch depending on what’s going on with me.

MU: Cool. Finally, are there any local artist/producers that you would like to shed some light on?

Nick Dre: My brother Malick IV for sure probably one of the best locals rappers. As far as producers Selasse is one guy who’s stuff keeps me on my toes, his stuff is powerful.

MU: Thanks. Is there anything you would like to promote?

Nick Dre: Thanks for the opportunity. There’s a lot of plans in the making so all I can really suggest is to check out the Soundcloud & Twitter.

Nick Dre’s tracks and remixes are readily available on his Soundcloud page. 

Also follow Nick Dre on his Twitter.

Have a listen to Nick Dre’s latest track “Ode To The Calm” exclusive to Music Umpire.

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