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Coming from  the French East Province and now based in Paris, Juan Cristobal is a 23 year old producer who has been making good waves in 2013 and is set to make even bigger ones next year. Being involved in music since the tender age of 7 years old, Juan started  seriously embarking on his musical in High School although it was complicated to conciliate the two things due to being very busy. However, in February 2013 Juan Cristobal released a new project which gave him the much deserved recognition for the music he loves to create for pleasure. We caught up with Juan Cristobal to dig a bit deeper and find out more.

MU: What was the first song which made you interested about music production?

JUAN: The first album was Usher’s 8701; I was like 10-11 years old and I fell in love with the instrumentals and with the R&B jam. After that, I was a huge fan of R&B which soon became all I listened to. Tyrese’s “Sweet Lady” stays and always will stay my favourite. “U Remind Me” (Usher), “U Got I Bad” (Usher), “Sweet Lady” (Tyrese) and “More and More” (Joe) remain R&B classics in my opinion.

MU: What was it about those R&B instrumentals that hooked you?

JUAN: When you hear those songs, there is a perfect combination between the instruments, the drums, chords, … it’s just so beautiful and gives me the passion for music: when making music I distinctively wanted to do jams like these ones.

MU: Are these songs your parents played or did you find these yourself?

JUAN: No lol, my parents didn’t play songs like that. They played Phil Collins, Police, and some French variety; my sister played some R&B, so I think I can thank her.

MU: What is your process like?

JUAN: It depends. Sometimes either I take an acapella and I create an instrumental around it or I start by pads and drums and then I add an acapella. It’s not a real established process and it’s never the same thing, it’s normally geared to my mood and inspiration.

MU: Any specific hardware/software you use? (Don’t give away all your secrets)

JUAN: I’m working on Logic 9 and I have some audio units and VST’s. I have only a MIDI keyboard and Maschine by Native Instruments, that’s all.

MU: Any VST’s you want to mention?

JUAN: The classics: FM8, Massive, Nexus. Next step: I want to grab Omnisphere and Jupiter.

MU: Cool.. Out of those, if you could only use one for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

JUAN: Omnisphere with no doubts, there are so many chill sounds and chill music is my trademark.

MU: Great choice. Did you start off using Logic when you started making music?

JUAN: No, I’ve been using Logic for 4 years. My first DAW was Sonar and then it was Cubase; when my sister bought an iMac, I cracked a Logic version.

MU: Do you remember the name of the first track you made?

JUAN: Yeah, in French it was called ” La clef qui mène à ton coeur” so in English it’s something like ” The key which leads to your heart”. Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of this track, so sad.

MU: Do you mix/master your own stuff?

JUAN: Yeah, I mix and master my stuff by myself. Thanks to internet and all the tutorials on YouTube, you can teach yourself.

MU: What singer/artist do you think would complement your style of production?

JUAN: I would love to work with Banks one day but for my EP, there will be many known singers: expect some surprises.

MU: What’s the music scene like in Paris?

JUAN: Extremely talented; some of the new producers who are climbing and beginning to becoming more and more famous and followed worldwide are French. I’m thinking more particularly to my homies: Stwo, Phazz, Fitzroy, Phazz, Evil Needle, Kid Atlaas; there are other guys really talented on my label Cosmonostro: Noïthingness, Blakesmith, Akeda.

MU: Listened to Stwo and Evil Needle, really good stuff..

JUAN: Yeah, peep the work of the others, you won’t be disappointed

MU: Definitely… Finally, for those who haven’t listened to your stuff yet, what would be the best environment to listen to your music?

JUAN: With your girlfriend, or boyfriend… lol

MU: Perfect answer! Anything else you wanna say or add?

JUAN: 2014 will be a fire year: release of my EP, some big collaborations and some live sets: stay tuned! I would also like to give a big thanks to all the people who follow me and love my work, it means a lot and gives me faith for music.

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 You can find out more about Juan Cristobal’s music in the links below.

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