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Straight out of Nashville, Tennessee, Boston native ESCPE creates genre pushing instrumentals. His tracks are illustrated by lush synthesizers and subtle, nuanced sampling. His beat construction is solid and consistent creating tracks which are both palatable and obscure. Alongside producer Soundpalette, ESCPE also releases tracks under the moniker “Congruence”. As an individual producer however, ESCPE releases tracks through his “Play It Louder” label which pushes Future and Abstract music. In this feature, we at Music Umpire got the opportunity to discuss production and music culture with the 22 year old producer.

MU: Firstly, what was the first song that got you interested in music production?

ESCPE: That’s a hard one. I wouldn’t say there was specific song that got me interested, but I was definitely inspired when I started discovering artists like J Dilla, Flying Lotus and other beat music of that sort. Hearing people combine various elements of music in a cohesive manner opened my mind to a lot. I really owe it all to my friend Eric who I met at school Freshman year. He introduced me to Logic.

MU: What equipment did you use when you first started making music?

ESCPE: I have been playing guitar since I was about 17, so naturally, when I started producing I wanted to incorporate my guitar playing into my productions. I started in Logic Pro 9 and made beats in that for a little bit but I started feeling limited in what I wanted to create. I started hearing about Ableton Live and it sounded exactly like what I was looking for. So I eventually made the switch to that and it’s the only thing I use now. I got an MPD32 and just used that and my guitar to make music while learning Ableton.

MU: What would be your next big equipment purchase if money were no object?

ESCPE: If only that were the case :). Honestly I’m pretty content with what I have now. I don’t feel like I need that much more to create. I like to keep things simple, but it would be dope to have some sort of synth or some modular gear because I’ve always wanted to mess around with that.

MU: Cool. Do you remember the name of the first thing you ever made?

ESCPE: I really couldn’t tell you. I just know it probably sounded terrible but I’m sure I was super stoked about it :D. “For You” was one of the first tracks I made in Ableton and it’s also the first track I ever uploaded to SoundCloud before I had any followers.

MU: In terms of your musical style, what artist do you thing complement your music the best?

ESCPE: Really any R&B female or male vocalist. I think any vocals that have that smooth, sexy undertone really augment my music well. I would love to work exclusively with a vocalist in the future but that’s definitely down the road. I’ve done some stuff for rappers before but have never released anything on my personal page. It’s hard to say though because I still feel like I’m finding my sound and still experimenting with different styles. I have so much unreleased music that is really different than anything I’ve previously put out. I don’t want to confine myself to a certain style.

MU: Nice. What would be the perfect environment to listen to your music?

ESCPE: I think it’s just good music to vibe out to. It’s definitely more suited for a chill environment and more for turning down. Whether that be driving, chilling with friends or even getting intimate ;). I’m a pretty introspective person and I think my music reflects that. But like I said, I have more stuff in the works that could be considered a little more club friendly and is geared towards the live setting.

MU: OK. Finally, what is the music scene like in your city?

ESCPE: Well I’m originally from Boston, but I haven’t been involved much in the music scene there because I wasn’t really producing until I moved to Nashville for school. The scene here is definitely starting to grow, but there’s not much going on involving future beats and music of that sort. There definitely is a void here that can be filled. I’ve been doing some stuff with a label “Future Everything” (now Memphis based) and we were the only ones really pushing this sort of music and vision in Nashville, but there’s some cool acts that are coming through.

MU: Are there any local artists/producers that you may want to shed some light on?

ESCPE: Everyone involved in Future Everything. Producers like Hustle Up, Strooly, Treekeeper, Soundpalette and Gallotia are all homies and really talented. Also, me and Soundpalette have a collaborative project called ‘CONGRUENCE’.

MU: Great. Anything you’d like to add or promote?

ESCPE: Stay tuned for lots of new music in the future!

Check out more of ESCPE’s music on his SoundCloud page.

Also check out his label Play it Louder.

Take a listen to ESCPE’s awesome  new track exclusively premiered by MusicUmpire and enjoy!!

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ESCPE online: Facebook / Twitter / SoundCloud

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