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Growing up in the sweet settings of Olten, Switzerland, 24 year old producer DRWN grew a very strong appreciation for soulful hip hop and gradually started making beats replicated the vibes he admired.  He eventually teamed up with his longtime friend Arem, who their group FootGang. His accumulation of projects for Footgang and as a solo artists have been bringing solid attention along his way and the talented producer/DJ seems set to deliver more chilled out gems. We caught up with DRWN to dig a bit deeper and find out more.

MU: First of all, what was it that specifically attracted you to production?

DRWN: First of all, I’ve got my uncle who really got me into music. I spent a lot of time with him in my childhood and he introduced me to so much different stuff. He is really open minded and got a ton of vinyl, from the Beatles, Parliament to Kate Bush and Kraftwerk, I think all the love for music I really got from him.

Plus he also introduced me to Logic because he did some music too, but really just for himself, so I think he is my basis for all that. My second influence is my dude Arem. We met about five years ago or so, he was the only other guy in our town who digs Dilla and such stuff.

MU: Did you start off making music with Logic? And if so do you still use now and why?

DRWN: Yeah, starting with Logic and it’s still my most important tool for making beats, just because I think I know (over the years) a little bit how to handle it, and I never try something other till now. It has everything i need, and i can convert my ideas pretty well with it, I think…yeah.

MU: Is there any other equipment you use or considering to use in the future?

DRWN: I got some hardware like a Microkorg XL, a Akai MPK25, a Korg Kaossilator Pro and a turntable. That is pretty much everything I need at the moment. It would be cool to have some percussion-toys as well, to do some cooler drums. I’ve actually got a MPC500, but really never use it, haha.

MU: What’s your creative process like? And do you mix your own stuff?

DRWN: Mostly I hear other beat-stuff that inspires me at the time, then I go to my library and search for some cool samples. For me it’s really about the vibe and the sample I dig just has to move something in me, it’s just about the feeling I think.

Then I just mess around and chop the sample. When I’ve got three to four ideas or sketches I try to play some drums to it or just sample the drums as well, it is really like a quick process and yeah, all the stuff I’ve put out till now I mix by myself.

MU: You mentioned J Dilla as someone you and your friend Arem digged. How much of a influence was Dilla to your music? And which other musicians have also influenced your sound?

DRWN: I think Dilla had/has a big influence, that not even be aware of, but he has. I’ve heard from different people that my sound reminds them a little to Dilla, but this was never my intention to copy him or something, it’s just happened.

I definitely have to name Madlib and Knxwldge, I think they are my biggest heroes besides Dilla. I also love stuff from Wun Two, Jazzo or Melodiesinfonie, to name some dudes from Switzerland and Germany.

MU: In my opinion you are definitely different sound from Dilla. What was the first song you listened to that got you more interested and inspire in production?

I can’t name a certain song, but the early work of Flying Lotus really fucks my brain till now, at the time when that stuff came out it really was something new and something different, I think this was a point I had to say: ” Yes, I have to do some stuff too”.

So these Brainfeeder guys are a big influence too, from Teebs,Samyiam to Daedelus and of course FlyLo.

MU: What’s the name of the first track you ever made?

DRWN: I don’t know, I have to say that names are not that important to me, most of my tracks have no names till I decide to put them out.

MU: What is your favourite track you have released so far?

DRWN: I think Leprechaun is pretty cool, this is also one the tracks I held back for maybe a year or so. Don’t know why, but I always thought it was a special one.

MU: What type of artist do you think complement your music best?

DRWN: Obviously a singer or rapper I guess. I really would like to do some stuff with a female singer like Erykah badu or Jill Scott, some neo-soul stuff would be great and to be honest I got someone from London, I might do something in 2014.

I can’t give you a name, but I think she is really talented and it could grow into some dope stuff. with this collaboration
also someone like joey badass would be great…just someone who digs this more golden era-like stuff.

MU: I was just about to ask for the name haha. so I will go onto the next question which is: What’s the scene like in your town/city?

DRWN: Haha, I knew that. The scene…it’s really like…non existing, haha. You have to know that Switzerland is a extremely small country, so you just got the “big cities” that have a cultural scene in it, like maybe Zurich or Basel.

MU: Do you think the situation benefits producers like you and Melodiesinfonie or not?

DRWN: I think in Zurich (Melo’s hometown) it could be a benefit, but here, where I live, it’s just really like the people are not that ready for some more experimental stuff (as charts and shit).

MU: Are you considering moving or making your music big in your hometown?

DRWN: I think is just impossible here, if I want to do some live stuff or something a have to go to Zurich. There is  a scene there, so maybe I have to try to make my music big there.

MU: Finally, what is the perfect environment that your music should be listened in?

DRWN: I think my stuff is mostly smooth and chill so I have to say maybe it’s music for the bedroom or to hang out with friends at home or at least for the bus or train to listen through your headphones.

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