Calm Canopy is 27 year old singer-songwriter from Mississauga, Canada (which is about twenty minutes from Toronto), but currently resides in, Burlington, Canada (which is about 40 minutes from Toronto).

Therefore, if you want to where to find Calm Canopy start from Toronto.

Calm Canopy style of music is experimental indie rock or pop that pairs well with a good cabernet sauvignon, which makes sense, given that his influences are: Broken Social Scene, Khruangbin, Tame Impala, The Strokes, Fleet Foxes, and Vampire Weekend.

More recently, the new French Cassettes album Rolodex has heavily influenced his music as well.

Growing up, his dad stored an old beat up acoustic guitar from the ’70s that his dad hadn’t touched since the age of 11 in the furnace room of his childhood house.

Around the age of ten, Calm Canopy decided to pull out the guitar when some friends were over and one of them taught him how to play “Smoke On The Water” using only 1 string because the guitar was missing 3.

Calm Canopy was hooked after that and shortly thereafter, he and his brother started experimenting with multitrack recording using a computer mic purchased from the dollar store, Adobe Auditon 1.5 and the most horrific sounds he could create with his voice and a guitar.

He wishes he still had those recordings, but 17-ish years later he hasn’t stopped simply enjoying the process of hanging out alone in a room, writing songs that he can record on his own.

Calm Canopy dreams of collaborating with Khruangbin because he loves how they’ve managed to make relatively simplistic instrumental songs that are consistently engaging and pleasant to listen to (“over and over again”, he adds) through the tasteful use of groove and melody. It seems so effortless from the outside looking in, so Calm Canopy would love to see their writing process.

Another artist that Calm Canopy would love to collaborate with, is  Mac Demarco because he loves his music and suspects that he might have a similar writing/recording process to his fellow Canadian.

Calm Canopy’s favourite song at the moment is “Golden Days” by Whitney due to the fact it brings a little bit of  ‘nostalgic summer evening’ feeling into his ‘unforgiving covid winter’ day.

Calm Canopy wants you to know that “Moss” should be in your playlists because it is an introspective, cozy, and barky song with a lot of energy thanks to the drum performance by Gudino Miranda.

We share the same view of “Moss” with Calm Canopy and love the bright and energetic summer vibes that burst into your eardrums once you press play.

So press play and enjoy!

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