NEWCOMER SPOTLIGHT: Talitha – Embarassed to Know Ya

Talitha honed her practical skills with formal training at the Conservatorium of Music and is now fully focused on writing and co-producing in performances of her own work and in work with emerging artists.

In 2020, Talitha released two singles, “Can’t let Go” and “New Years”. The work, influenced by R&B and funk, is modern pop music that where relatability and charm maximize the inherent sense of fun.

With the release of Habits of Honesty, Gold Coast artist Talitha sets out to deliver a series of EPs based on pop excellence. Focus Single “Embarrassed to know ya” a shining example of her songwriting and production prowess.

Age: I’m 22.

Residence: I’m living in Brisbane Australia at the moment, moving to the Gold Coast in a few months.

Hometown: I was born in Ballarat, Victoria. But I’ve done all my schooling in Brisbane. 

How would she describe her style of music: I love pop that’s influenced by other styles like R&B and hip-hop. This EP is very anthemic and intended to be the kind of songs that bring people together. They’re really catchy and easy to sing, and the production is really focused on groove and danceability. 

Influences and why: When writing these songs I actually listened to a lot of rap. Particularly Eminem and Nicki Minaj’s album ‘Queen’. Even though this EP isn’t in that style, I think there’s a lot you can learn from other genre’s. I was really fascinated by the lyrical style of hip-hop and the phrasing. Rappers focus so much on the pronunciation of words, the sounds within them and the rhythm of a sentence. That opened up so many doors when writing this EP. Using that technique meant the lyrics in my songs were more conversational, which makes them really fun to sing along to and easy to remember. Being able to sing them having only heard the song once or twice is something I really wanted. So combining hip-hop style lyrics with pop melodies was a really exciting combination. 

How she got into music: I started playing the violin when I was four years old, and have been involved with music ever since. Evolving from classical music to more contemporary styles, and falling in love with songwriting at a really early age. I’ve been really blessed to have met people along the way to help me progress into the next stage of leaning music and performance. To this day it’s still my biggest fascination. 

Dream collabs and why: I would love to work with Andrew Watt (producer). His work has been so versatile which shows a real appreciation for music as a whole, I think I have a very similar approach of borrowing from other styles and concocting something unfamiliar. 

I’m also a huge fan of Julia Michaels, both as a writer and an artist. I got to see her live when she visited Australia and it was one of the best shows I’ve been to. She has an incredible skill of reaching the parts of people they don’t often talk about. I’ve never seen an audience so passionately scream the words to a song, it was like they were all so relieved to say those things out loud and the energy was so elating. 

And I would love to record with Justin Bieber. I’d even be happy to just sit in the corner of his studio and never even make a sound haha. Recording is hard, and a lot of singers lose energy and emotional vibrance when they’re in the booth. Which is easy to do when you’re singing the same line for 30 minutes. The ability to push through that is the winning factor that sets the best apart from everyone else. Justin’s vocals are extraordinary on every track he puts out, and they completely change any song he’s involved in. 

Favourite song in her playlist at the moment: Justin Bieber’s album Justice just came out a few days ago and I’m still obsessed with the song ‘Ghost of you’. The chorus melody and having everything drop out to just the acoustic guitar is such ear candy. 

Why people should have ‘Embarrassed to know ya’ in their playlists: This song is the epitome of musical fun. It’s so playful while also addressing something so relatable, being embarrassed by our friends. In a strange way, it does bring people together because we know we love one another even though we don’t always agree with each other. That’s definitely something our world needs more of right now. My recommendation is cranking it in the car, go crazy. 

Listen to Habits of Honesty below.

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