SZNS (pronounced seasons) are a girl band who currently all live together in Los Angeles, California. The group consists of four members who are named after the seasons. The members are Winter who is from Kokomo, Indiana, Spring who is from San Diego, Summer, and Autumn who are both from Los Angeles.

They describe their style of music as the classic 90’s girl-group sound mixed with some fresh EDM and Latin beats.

Autumn grew up on a lot of musical theatre and believes that’s what really influenced her to like writing conversational-style, storytelling lyrics. Her taste in music is eclectic, so her playlists jump from Hozier to Josh Groban to Megan Thee Stallion to the Shangri-Las.

Spring’s influences are Amy Winehouse and Selena Gomez. For her Amy has soul and such a sultry voice and Selena is so charismatic and has an amazing stage presence in her opinion.

Winter’s influences came from the storylines of good ole country songs, but she grew up on 2000’s pop and Alanis Morisette so she feels that comes through in her personal writing.

Growing up Summer’s dad always would take her to concerts and it’s because of him that she still has a soft spot for artists like David Bowie, Liam Gallagher, and The Beatles. Listening to that kind of music makes her feel at home. Those artists have also inspired the way she approaches writing and performing music. In relation to more current icons, Summer really loves Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga because they empower her as a woman to embrace her own feminine energy, sexuality and not to take herself or her art too seriously.

Autumn got into music as a kid, singing backup for indie and rock bands with her children’s choir, and then as she got to high school she started utilizing her teen angst to write her own songs.

Winter has been singing since she learned how to talk. She recalls that when she was a child you could never shut her up and was always ready to perform for someone.

Spring has always had an undying love for singing and everything she does always leads her back to singing. It makes her feel alive.

Summer grew up in a very musical household. Everyone in her family plays trumpet so she started learning to play and read music at a super young age. She also started dancing when she was little and has never stopped. She is dancing right now.

Autumn’s dream collab would be with BlackPink. She is obsessed with their music and loves their energy. She goes on further to say “Four badass women on a track together is one thing but EIGHT??? It would be so fun”.

Winter’s dream collab would be with Miley Cyrus or Doja Cat because they are both so comfortable in their skin and their music has no limits.

Spring’s dream collab would be to write with Jon Bellion and then have Megan Thee Stallion on it because, for her, Jon is an incredible writer and Megan is a baddie.

Summer’s dream collab would also be with BlackPink because she thinks with that many women in the studio something magical would be bound to happen. Also, in her opinion, they are just legends and she would love to be in the same room as them.

Autumn’s favourite song that she is looping nonstop right now is “Weekend” by Louis The Child and IconaPop. Winter’s favourite song right now is “Diamonds” by Sam Smith. Spring’s favourite song right now is “Prom” by SZA. Summer’s favourite song currently is “Ivy” by Frank Ocean and she guesses that’s because she is kinda in love right now…aww!

“Behave” is a really special song to Autumn. She states that: “We live our whole lives with people telling us what to do, how to act, who to date, what to wear, when we can go to the bathroom. And we all know that we shouldn’t let external pressures get to us and we know we should be our genuine selves but sometimes it’s hard, and we gotta be reminded of who we are and that’s what Behave does.”

Winter wants you to know, if you love music that speaks on being who you are, loving who you want, and breaking molds, “Behave” should be on your playlist.

Spring adds that “Behave” is a kickass song that shows women you don’t have to behave and that women  can do what they want, be who they want to be.

Finally, Summer concludes that “Behave is for everyone out there who can’t be tied down by any person or societal pressure. If you want to feel like the baddest bitch in your neighborhood you should add it to your playlist.”

We can definitely back SZNS’ claim in relation “Behave”. The song blends pop and R&B party vibes with a little bit of Latin flavour that will make you either bop your head contagiously or dance. It is fueled by rough and ready bass that slaps the ears pleasantly, so get ready to party and behave how you want when listening to this song.

Press play below and enjoy!

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