Penny Roox is a 24 year old singer-songwriter, originally from Venlo, The Netherlands who moved to Tilburg in The Netherlands to pursue a bachelor of music at the Rockacademie, which she finished in 2019.

She describes her style of music as sultry vintage pop for dreamers.

Penny lists in Molly Burch, old Hollywood movies (such as Funny Face), and tragic love stories. as things that influence her music.

These influences are evident when you listen to Penny’s music, whose voice has a unique timbre and feel to it.

As a kid, she grew up on a diet of chansonniers like Brèl and Gainsbourg and I spent her free time singing and performing little shows for her mum. From a young age, she started singing classes and joined a choir. As a preteen, she got obsessed with music. Penny got my first iPod at the age of twelve and would never put it off. She slept with music, in high school and would put them through her sweaters to keep listening in class. For Penny, music was like oxygen. There was never another option than music.

Penny Roox’s dream collaboration would with Alex Turner, without a doubt. Her teenage crush for him has never left because she loves his poetic, scenical lyrics and the musical arrangements on both Arctic Monkeys and The Last Shadow Puppets songs. She would love to have him as a producer!

Penny just discovered “Place Names” by Nick Waterhouse with a Spotify radio and it’s her favourite song at the moment.

She loves the violins and the James Bond vibe to it.

Discussing “Mean”, Penny Roox said: “Everyone should add Mean to their playlists, because it tastes like spring. We all need some spring vibes and warm feelings in this time to comfort us.”

We agree with Penny that you should add “Mean” to your playlists because it is a timeless song that will give a warm nostalgic feeling.

Press play and enjoy!

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