NEWCOMER SPOTLIGHT: Leisure Therapy ft. Kid Blue – Do Without

Leisure Theory and Kid Blue who are both 22 years old, currently reside in Central Manchester, England where they are pursuing their dreams to become acclaimed musicians.

Leisure Theory who is originally from Derry, Ireland creates electronic indie dance-pop and Kid Blue who is from Hollingworth, England (near Glossop in the Peak District) sways through R&B/Soul/Pop/Hip Hop vibes.

Despite the differences in the music they create, when they work together their styles fit seamlessly.

Leisure Theory takes huge inspiration from similar artists such as New Order, Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem, which is evident when you listen to his music and he is definitely continuing their legacies.

On the other hand, Kid Blue’s influences are massively varied and it’s solely the reason why he finds his music hard to define in any one particular genre.

As a producer and songwriter Kid Blue takes so much influence from production to lyrical content by countless artists that inspire him such as Tyler The Creator, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, James Blake, Daniel Caesar, Anderson Paak, MF Doom, Loyle Carner, and Childish Gambino.

As a kid, Leisure Theory was always obsessed with the music that his brother would play for him, and eventually, by the age of 14/15 he got into record collecting, buying cheap gear and guitars to make noise.

Leisure Theory was in a band in Ireland for 3 years before moving to Manchester to study and this where he began experimenting with more electronic music, which led to Leisure Theory being born as an act in 2019.

Kid Blue originally got into music playing classical piano when he was 11 years. He had no musicians in the family but his mum encouraged him to play music. Although he had his mum’s support, Kid Blue initially never enjoyed it and eventually gave up.

As he grew older he started to fall in love with music again and went on to play for many bands, performing all over the country. He is now officially a music aficionado, who recently graduated university with a first class degree from the Royal Northern College Of Music.

Aside from Kid Blue, Leisure Theory would absolutely love to work with Friendly Fires, New Order, or Glass Animals in order to make huge dance-pop bangers he believes he would make with them.

Discussing who he would like to collaborate with, Kid Blue said “My Dream Collabs are a very difficult list to refine! Goes without saying any of my influences I would kill to work with, but the likes of Kanye, Tyler The Creator, Anderson Paak, Tom Misch, Loyle Carner , Kendrick Lamar and Thundercat. I want to work with a lot of creative and unconventional rappers to feature on my music as well as quirky producers so each of these tick the box some even do both themselves!”

Leisure Theory’s favourite song in his playlist at moment is “Phantom Grip” by Rival Consoles and Kid Blue’s favourite song at the moment is “Accordion” by MF Doom & Madlib.

According to Leisure Theory, “Do Without” should be in your playlists because “it’s a current and relevant song that’s worth checking out, that captures the thoughts of so many people right now”. Due to the fact the song was recorded before lockdown, Leisure Theory finds it super ironic that he released it during lockdown here in the UK. The original plan for the song was to introduce Kid Blue ahead of his EP release which he tells us that he through the grapevine that it sounds amazing.

Kid Blue thinks everyone should have “Do Without” in their playlists, because we live in strange times, and rarely in human history has everyone been in such a similar situation of feeling so suppressed and alone in the world, so he and Leisure Theory were inspired to try and get some of those emotions down in the song. Kid Blue goes on further to say that he feels like they’ve emulated the conflicting frustrations everyone has felt about missing loved ones and even simply the physical contact with friends, partners and family. All while trying to spread positivity through an uplifting song.

“Do Without You” is certainly an uplifting song that serves as a lockdown anthem, so press play an enjoy!

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