NEWCOMER SPOTLIGHT: Joe Sparrow – Tremble

Joe Sparrow was the lead singer, frontman, and main songwriter for the alt-pop band Solwave. Solwave played 300+ shows in total, sold out 500-700 person venues in major market cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Denver, and opened for major acts including The Revivalists, Spin Doctors, and Radical Something. During his time with Solwave, Joe worked with producer Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor) and Tim Palmer (U2, Pearl Jam).

In 2015, shortly after the band split, Joe started writing for established artists and producers, most notably ZHU and Stephen. After discovering his skills as a songwriter and wanting to create a more personal musical representation of himself, Joe decided to launch his career as a solo artist and released EP Behind Closed Doors in 2020, with the independent debut release racking up 400,000+ streams.

Residence: Los Angeles

Hometown: San Francisco

How you would describe your style of music: I make dark pop/r&b with elements of funk and edm. My style of music is very nocturnal, meant to be played at night and early hours.

Influences and why: My biggest influence is Michael Jackson. An ultimate master of his craft, he is the most successful artist to create something with both a mass universal appeal and deep artistic value. This is the ideal goal. Bruno Mars, another undeniable master of his craft, is also a massive influence. I find a lot of inspiration from both The Weeknd and Zhu for their ability to create distinct, dark sonic worlds with their music. Daft Punk’s genre-blending and ability to make complex and nuanced music sound simple is another source of inspiration. All of these artists blend elements of pop/funk/r&b/soul, which are my favorite genres.

How you got into music: I began on drums at age 13 and played in hard rock and metal bands through high school. Then at 18, I transitioned to singing and songwriting on piano and guitar. When I was a drummer, my love of music was driven by a sense of fun and the fulfillment of improving my craft. After I transitioned to singing and songwriting, I became driven by a desire to express something deeper and more personal. I do my best to carry both of these elements forward with me today.

Dream collabs and why: I obviously have many, but to name a few: Daft Punk was always a top choice. They are legends and shrouded in mystery. Unfortunately, they just broke up, so this probably won’t happen. I am still coming to terms with this. Max Martin is high on the list too. He is the greatest modern pop songwriter, an absolute genius. I would love to pick his brain and learn from him. Dua Lipa and Ariana Grande are probably my two favorite current pop stars and would be fun collaborations. Both are mega talents and uniquely themselves. The last, but definitely not least, I will mention is Drake. His output is crazy, and he virtually never misses. Working with him would be beyond.

Favourite song in your playlist at the moment: I have been f**king with Latin music a lot lately. I somehow didn’t discover the “Te Bote” remix with Ozuna and Bad Bunny until recently. That song is so dope and is my current favorite.

Why people should have “Tremble” in their playlists: Tremble’ is a choice addition to a few different kinds of playlists. People should add it to their night drive playlists, their sing-a-long playlists, their vibe/mood playlists, and definitely their sex playlists

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