NEWCOMER SPOTLIGHT: George Clement – Mum Pick Me Up, I’m Scared

George Clement is a Bristol-born and bred 21 year old singer-songwriter who describes his music as kinda indie pop, characterised by clanky pianos and weird things. Speaking further on music George states: “The mood varies though, I do get quite miserable haha!”

George Clement loves a lot of things but usually point people in the way of MARINA and Twenty One Pilots as they’re probably his biggest influences. Especially MARINA’s first album The Family Jewels.

When George was around 7 years old his mum bought an album called Life in Cartoon Motion by MIKA, it came with a live DVD and he watched it endlessly on his PS2. He thought MIKA and his green trousers were the coolest things ever, so he obsessed over learning the piano so that one day he may also purchase some green leg-wear. Plus he thought the music was super cool as well.

MARINA would most definitely be George Clement’s dream collaboration because he is a very big fan but also he feels like the song they’d actually write together would be decent. He finds it super easy to list off all of his favourite artists and band yet he doesn’t actually think any of the music made would be that good, with MARINA being the exception.

At the moment George Clement’s favourite song in his playlist is “Oblivion” by Grimes, which he describes as smooth and he washes the dishes super quick to it too.

Discussing why “Mum Pick Me Up, I’m Scared” should be in your playlists, George said: “It’s a chill song I think, it builds and stuff but it’s super relaxed. Like you could walk about to it on a cold day with your headphones in and you’ll have a nice time. I think the lyrics are kind of neat too.”

“Mum Pick Me Up, I’m Scared” is definitely a very chilled song with unique lyrics that is compelling due to its confessional style and authenticity. The song is a reflection on growing up without feeling ready on how to navigate the tough realities of the world.

Press play and enjoy.

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