Erin Kirby is a 17 year old pop artist from Jasper, Georgia in the United States.

Her main musical influence is Jessie J because in her opinion Jessie J is a vocal beast and is so down to earth, plus has a true passion for music and really loves her fans.

Ed Sheeran is another influence on Erin’s music because of his passion for music, the way he creates songs, and the fact he is a lyrical genius.

Erin Kirby got into music through pageants, she entered in talent at her 3rd pageant and knew that music was for her.

Erin’s dream collaboration would be with Ed Sheeran because he is her all-time favourite and her favourite song in her playlist at the moment is “Breakups” by Seaforth.

Speaking on “Bad Luck”, Erin Kirby said: “People should add “Bad Luck” into their playlists for a chill and laid back song that will help them let go of that one person that is their “Bad Luck”.”

“Bad Luck” is definitely a laidback song about how we sometimes tend to cover up our feelings in a bad relationship and showcases Erin’s powerful crystal clear vocal that is made for many more big songs in future from her.

Press play and enjoy!

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