NEWCOMER SPOTLIGHT: Ally Nicholas – Warning Signs

Ally Nicholas is a 22 year old  Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter who is originally from Chicago.

She describes her style of music as moody alternative music with emo ass songwriters lyrics. Her biggest influences in music are artists and bands such as Nirvana, Amy Winehouse, Arctic Monkeys, Mac Miller, and Slipknot.

Discussing her influences, Ally stated that: “all of these artists have a lot in common, and those things are goals I strive to hit in my music. Every one of these acts has an incredibly unique sound that paved the way or innovated in their genre, every one of these artists has a unique vocalist who kinda just sings, however, the f**k they want to and isn’t worried about what things are supposed to sound like, and each one of these artists has a very personal and recognizable writing/lyric style.”

Ally Nicholas got into music at a very young age. She always knew that she wanted to be a ‘rockstar’ and learned how to sing by singing along to mixtape CD’s that she made as a kid.

She got more serious in high school when she started writing songs every day and learning how to play guitar. She knew from a young age that she wanted to be a musician but it was learning how to play guitar that elevated her songwriting and made her start treating music as her plan A.

In relation to artists that Ally dreams of collaborating with, this changes monthly for her because there are loads of artists she would love to work with. She states that Bring Me The Horizon would be amazing for her because she thinks Ollie’s voice (lead vocalist) and hers would be kinda epic together and the song would be just off the walls.

Grimes who Ally deems to be incredible is another artist Ally would love to work with because Grimes seems sweet and she envisions them making something really dark and trippy. It’s not super in her lane but if she could get a Nicki Minaj or Doja verse on a song she believes she would die happy because how could you not if one of them featured on your song.

Lastly, in relation to dream collaborations, there’s an artist by the name of Alexandra Savior that Ally Nicholas would love to collab with because she thinks her writing and vibe is so cool that they would probably be able to make some cool stuff.

Ally Nicholas’ favourite song right now is “Pretty in Porcelain” by Famous Last Words, who share the name with an incredible My Chemical Romance song according to Ally. It is a song that has been really hitting for Ally lately, even though she doesn’t even know too much about them yet. It was her friend that showed her their music, but she will be definitely digging in more to find out more about them soon.

Ally wants you to know that you should have “Warning Signs” in your playlists because it’s fresh, it’s not really too similar to anything that anybody’s dropping right now but it also kinda reminds you of some of your favorite alternative music or rock bands gone pop.

Speaking on the song further, Ally said: “I think the song sounds like something familiar but also very new, and for that reason, I think it would be great in a playlist. Draws you in with a slight familiarity but ultimately is something relatively different compared to a lot of the other things dropping at the moment.”

“Warning Signs” is a thrilling alt-pop song that brings back 90s alt-rock vibes due to the song’s vigorous nature that expresses toxic love in an entertaining fashion.

Press play and enjoy!

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