New Act Alert: Rejjie Snow

Rejjie Snow (formerly known as Lecs Luther) is a rapper coming from Dublin, Ireland. Born Alex Anyaegbunam, Snow represents a unique and progressive approach to hip hop.

His style represents the gritty, unabashed culture of his generation; many will find connections to artists such as Odd Future, however there seems to be a depth which is unique to Rejjie and calls to more correlations made to enigmatic rapper MF DOOM (or more recently Captain Murphy). Something also evident in Snow’s work is an old school sensibility; the samples use are unorthodox riffs from the 50’s and 60’s which encapsulate the mood of the era. Snow’s raps constitute a strong juxtaposition to the tracks he raps over, his subject matter, which often manifests itself in a “stream of consciousness” style of narrative, often deals with more modern day concerns. With collaborations with artists such as King Krule, Rejjie Snow is already surrounded himself amongst good company; without a doubt, we should be seeing his name pop up more often in the future.

With two EPs already under his belt, time can only tell how Rejjie’s sound will grow and develop. It is almost definite that the young artist will continue to push the boundaries and expand on his experimental, “left” sound.

Check out his latest music video “Nights Over Georgia” up in the link below.

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