NEW ACT ALERT: Jack Harlow

Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky in the United States where the great Muhammad Ali hailed from, new rapper Jack Harlow is looking to follow a similar path and become a world star.

Louisville hasn’t produced many internationally notable musicians with only Bryson Tiller and Nicole Scherzinger being the exceptions; and following his hit record “What’s Poppin” which has gained strong acknowledgement nationally in the States, earning him a guest appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Jack Harlow definitely has the tools to become another exception from his hometown of Louisville.

This is something that his fellow Louisville native Bryson Tiller has recognized by jumping on Jack Harlow’s track “Thru The Night” last year.

What makes Jack Harlow standout is that in a hip hop scene where lyricism has lost its value, he is young rapper that spits dope bars with commercially friendly melodies, beats and delivery.

Something that is normally not a strength of lyrically gifted rappers who often struggle to create songs that are marketable and can sell.

Jack Harlow matches quality lyrics with catchy beats and hooks that entertain easily on the ears of listeners which is exemplified on his whole mixtape Confetti released last year with songs such as “Big Chillin” where he drops the bar “she’s addicted to the Mary Jane, but she’s still got goals like Harry Kane” or in his 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards nominated project Loose with songs such as “Sundown” where he drops the bar “you a simp, I don’t feel bad for you, I ain’t sympathetic”.

Jack Harlow signed to DJ Drama and Don Cannon’s Atlantic Records imprint, Generation Now in 2018 and with these two hip hop veterans (who have worked with heavy hitters of the hip hop industry) mentoring him the only way is up.

Since being signed to Generation Now, he has released awesome tunes successful tunes such as “Dark Knight” which led him to go on his first headline tour and chilled party vibes such as “Warsaw” that demonstrate his authentic charm and features rapper 2forw0yNE who is a member of his own musical collective called Private Garden.

Talking to Billboard, Jack Harlow states that “When I started listening to rap, the bravado gave me so much confidence”. Influenced by artists such as André 3000, Missy Elliott, Drake, Eminem and Kanye, this confidence can be heard throughout all of his tracks released so far and will surely spur him on to reach success in the near future, as well as fulfilling his mission to prove that Kentucky can create its own unified sound.

Make sure you get familiar with Jack Harlow who we believe is set to emerge as top hip hop artist within the next few years.

Jack Harlow on socials:

Twitter: @jackharlow

Instagram: @jackharlow

Facebook: @handsomeharlow



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