New Act Alert: Dornik

Once again PMR Records unleash another gem, who goes by the name Dornik. Dornik has been gradually enter into the frame of  music stardom with his  work with label mate Jessie Ware by contributing to adlibs and performing as her drummer on tour. Although the talent was evident, he rapidly surprised music fans with his fantastic 80s vibe Jackson-esque tune “Something About You”, which certainly raised very good attention his way.

Talent doesn’t always equate to making hits and it seems Dornik has the ability to make solid chart and radio friendly tunes with ease, judging from what we have heard so far from him. Dornik is a pure student of his craft and it is heard through his music that he has soaked in the habits from his musical icons Michael Jackson and Prince.

From playing drums at his weddings with his uncle to performing in front of thousands with Donae’o and Jessie, to now becoming a solo artist, it seems to be destiny for Dormik to become the next big deal music artist from the UK.

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