NEWCOMER SPOTLIGHT: Billy Reeves – Countin’ (feat. Jordan Lindsay)

Billy Reeves is a 21 year old rapper from Auckland, New Zealand who is currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

He describes his style of music as a blend of old school hip hop with modern tendencies and alternative R&B.

His music is influenced by rappers such as Kanye West, Logic, Childish Gambino, Andre 3000, Kendrick Lamar and Tyler the Creator.

Billy Reeves found his love of music while studying audio production at SAE Institute, where he met a lot of great inspiring musicians who fueled his music career.

His dream collaboration would be with Kendrick Lamar because he feels Kendrick never disappoints and is always inspiring generations of artists by pushing sonic boundaries.

Billy Reeves’ favourite song in his playlist at the moment is “bummy!” by Boylife, which he states is his “current bop, it is insane and everyone should listen to it”.

Billy Reeves believes that everyone should have “Countin’” in their playlists because it is pure and utter mayhem that you can just have fun and go crazy to!

We fully agree with Billy Reeeves, so press play and enjoy his new trap infused hip hop banger “Countin'” featuring his fellow New Zealand rapper, Jordan Lindsay, which is about ridiculous things one might do with more money than they could handle.

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