New Act Alert: Ásgeir

Ásgeir Trausti Einarsson, an Icelandic singer-songwriter, released the fastest selling debut album in the country’s history back in 2012 (beating out the likes of Björk).  Fast-forward about a year, the album’s original Icelandic lyrics (which were written by Ásgeir’s 72-year-old father) were translated to English with the help of American musician John Grant, and the album was re-produced and released internationally.

Ásgeir (as he is known internationally) makes electronic-tinged folk music that one cannot help but compare to the earlier works of Bon Iver.  His music draws on meaningful electronic elements to color an overall folk soundscape and generate a highly accessible, yet interesting sound.  Filled with soft and vulnerable crooning, emotional melodies, and gently layered production, his debut album is the type you put on repeat on a rainy Sunday.

Having just performed at SXSW and getting ready to go on his first European tour, Ásgeir is definitely an artist you will want to keep on your radar.

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