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White Giant are  a four piece group from the Midlands who came together in 2012 to form an alternative indie band. According to the lads their music is dark, dancey and groove orientated and this is definitely portrayed brilliantly on their latest EP ‘Shadows’ which was released on the 13th of December 2013. Their production is very impressive making it clear that these guys are musical soul mates and it is time the musical community got to know a little more about  Kieran Fowkes (vocals/Guitar), Liam Jones (Bass/Vocals), Colin Miller (Drums), & Elliott Briggs (Guitar) also known as WHITE GAINT.

MU: After doing some snooping on you guys I discovered that your pretty undercover…so I would like to start with simply asking you to tell us a bit about your selves, how you met, where your from just some background information so we can get to know you a little bit.

COLIN: Kieran and me used to work in a bar together and were both part of separate bands and projects, we always used to chat about music and eventually decided to start jamming together. I was in another band at the time with Elliott and we needed a guitarist so we got him in, Liam and Kieran new each other from music college in Leeds and then from the first few practices it just clicked and we started making music.

MU: What inspired the name of your group?

KIERAN: The name was kind of floating around for a while but we liked the idea behind it, a White Giant is a massive star that is much brighter than the sun and burns more intensely and we thought that was a pretty cool idea to have as some inspiration and it fits how intensely we work at everything we do.

MU: How would you describe your music?

ELLIOT: Our newer stuff is definitely moving towards a kind of strange mash up between dark, dancey, indie, post-rock, it’s very groove orientated and we love building up textures to make a really powerful compact sound.

MU: Have you always known you wanted to go into music?

 LIAM: I think we’ve all been obsessed with playing and listening to music for most of our lives me, Colin & Kieran all went to music college and Elliott’s been involved in music from a young age so we’ve all been surrounded by it forever. It’s definitely a goal for all of us to make a career from music, it’s what we love doing and we think we’ve got a lot of potential to make an impact and produce some great music!

MU: Who are your inspirations? And who do you admire currently on the music scene?

COLIN: We all have very different individual tastes ranging from singer-songwriter stuff like Jeff Buckley to Rage Against The Machine and everything in-between but I think that’s what gives us our sound, it’s all of our individual influences coming together to make something unique to us four guys.

Who we currently admire:

Kieran – Raleigh Ritchie

Colin – Little Comets

Liam – Soulwax

Elliott – Anything from the Ed Banger Records crew

MU: So I was listening to your music and I must admit my favorite track has to be “Need To Know” because it reminds me of the summer time and the blue skies it just makes me feel good.. What was the inspiration behind that song? 

 KIERAN: Need To Know came from the introduction part on guitar which lead to the melodies being put over the top which took about 3 weeks until the base of the song was created. The lyrics were one of the last things to come together, as I write in parts not always, but on this occasion it felt more fluent doing it this way.

MU: What genre of music would you say you fall into? 

 ELLIOT: It’s always difficult to pin it down but if we had to categorise it would probably be a kind of dark indie with some post-rock thrown in.

 MU: Describe your music using one word? 

 LIAM: Sharp

MU: Lastly do you have any upcoming gigs and where can people go to get hold of your music? 

COLIN: We’re playing at Handmade Festival in Leicester on Saturday the 3rd of May with loads of awesome bands which is going to be amazing and if you follow us on Twitter you can get all of our other gig news there J @WhiteGiantMusic.

To check out more of White Giant’s tunes just go on over to their  Soundcloud page here –


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