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Oxford has produced many great bands over the years such as Radiohead, Foals, Supergrass and Stornoway. Looking to follow in their footsteps as the next great band to come out from Oxford is Pixel Fix, who are gradually building positive momentum with two EPs already under their belt that both display their distinctive sound.

We caught up with the intriguing band recently to get an insight on them. Check it out.

MU: Tell us a bit who you are?

PIXEL FIX: We are pixel fix, a 4-piece band from oxford that makes electronic and guitar music.

MU: Where did you guys meet?

PIXEL FIX: We met and got to know each other through previous bands and other musical projects that we were involved with before Pixel Fix.

MU: What made you guys come together to form your band?

PIXEL FIX: Marcus and Clem were producing electronic at the time, and as that side progressed they approached us with the idea to start the band. We all shared a love for guitar based and electronic music, and we all seemed to be on the same wavelength with everything. So we began to experiment and started creating music together.

MU: Where does the name ‘Pixel Fix’ come from?

PIXEL FIX: We wish we had a story behind where the name of the band comes from, but unfortunately we don’t. Pixel Fix was just a name that kept coming up, so we decided to stick with it.

MU: Growing up in Oxford, what kind of effect do you think this has had on your outlook on music?

PIXEL FIX: There are so many different music scenes in Oxford; people just seem to embrace what we’re about and what we are trying to do. Oxford has definitely had a positive effect on our music.

MU: What do you think makes you unique compared to other bands?

PIXEL FIX: When writing music, we try and just keep the process as natural as possible and make music that we personally want to listen to. Maybe being an electronic band with a large guitar music influence has given us some uniqueness. We take influence from so many different bands and artists individually that it’s difficult to say.

MU: Your latest EP has a very dreamy and majestic vibe, what’s the story behind it?

PIXEL FIX: Thank you, that’s very kind. We never liked the idea of putting out just a single, we want to put out a full body of work that people can sink their teeth into. Fall and Awake are linked lyrically, so because of that we wanted to link the whole EP as one listening experience, taking certain themes from certain songs and intertwining them with others. The aim is for people to listen to it through as one long track.

MU: You have very interesting visuals for your music! Where do you get your ideas from?

PIXEL FIX: Thank you very much. We try to make our visuals work around what the lyrics in our music are trying to say. It creates a visual story rather than just a track to listen to.

MU: Who are your musical influences?

PIXEL FIX: We take influence from many different bands and artists. There are too many bands out there that inspire us to list. We try to keep our writing process as natural as we can so that it is our own.

MU: Who would you love to collaborate with in the future?

PIXEL FIX: That’s a difficult one to answer, but working on something with Ackryte would be really cool.

MU: What are you guys doing if you’re not in the studio?

PIXEL FIX: If we’re not in the studio we do like to keep as busy as possible. If we’re not gigging, we’re either writing at home or practicing. Lately we’ve been doing remixes for other bands that are releasing.

MU: Where would you like to see yourselves in the near future?

PIXEL FIX: We would just love to carry on touring and releasing music, maybe on a larger scale in the future!

MU: I see you’re playing at Wychwood, are you excited?’

PIXEL FIX: We have never played at Wychwood Festival before, so yes we are very excited to be a part of it. We’re looking forward to watching some of the other bands that will be playing too.

See Pixel Fix at Wychwood at Cheltenham Racecourse 31st May – 2nd June. For more information please visit Also to get to know a little more about their music, take a listen to latest track below.
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Pixel Fix online: Facebook / Twitter / SoundCloud / YouTube


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