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Morain are an indie four-piece ready to explode. As an HMV tip for 2014 and with a string of good reviews for their debut EP Are We Lost under their belt, the future looks bright for Morain. With a new EP release just around the corner, we caught up with them in Norwich on their second national tour.

MU: So you’re about half way through the tour now, how are finding life on the road?

Will Frost (WF): Love it yeah, really tiring though. I mean you don’t really do anything, just drive, play gig, sleep for a bit then drive and play again.

Sam Hubble (SH): It’s an odd one because obviously we have a long stretch where we’ll do the odd gig here and there, so you kind of have to adjust to touring life really. I mean we’re half way through now so everything becomes a bit more of a routine but in the first few days it’s a bit weird.

SH: And the first week when you get home seems really weird as well, so you have to readjust back again to normality.

MU: How has the tour been going?

WF: All the shows have been great, good turn outs, good response to us as a support band. It’s nice because every night you’re playing to new people, so it’s great to get that reaction after each gig. Hopefully people have been converted.

MU: Is this the biggest tour you’ve done as a band?

WF: We toured with a band called Canterbury last year, which was slightly bigger. We did a few sold out shows for that one, which was cool. It’s been kind of a different atmosphere with this one really because with the last one you could turn up to a venue and know you were going to have a roomful of people. Whereas because us and Alexander aren’t quite as big as Canterbury, it’s often not a full room and you’ve really got to channel your energy to get that atmosphere in the room.

MU: Do you prefer the smaller more intimate venues or bigger spacey venues?

WF: Bigger for us, it kind of suits are sound. We feel like we translate better in bigger rooms. The smaller gigs are always great but sometimes it’s hard to generate that buzz. If the room isn’t full people are often too self-conscious to really get into it.

MU: Does the health take a bit of hit when you’re on the road?

SH: Yeah by the end of it. I think it’s mainly just lack of sleep, so you start to feel a bit rundown. We noticed it last night, we were all feeling a bit tired and rundown.

WF: But at the end of day, we’re here to play 30 minutes of music so it doesn’t matter how shit you feel you’ve still got go out give everything and then you can crash afterwards.

MU: What do you enjoy more, being on tour or in the studio?

SH: Well, I think you kind of get yourself into a certain mind-set for one or the other, when you’re doing one you just kind of put the other out of your mind really. I don’t think we could sit down and write now, whereas when we’re in the studio I wouldn’t want to go out and play a gig.

WF: We’ve grown up always playing live so that’s kind of the most natural thing, and we’ve had less opportunity to do the whole studio thing. That’s kind of a more special experience than playing a gig. So we enjoy both really but for different reasons I guess.

MU: So do you do most of your writing when you’re home and got a bit more time and space?

SH: Yeah I think after you’ve done one you’re more inclined to do the other, so for us after this tour we’re gonna get back to writing and that will make quite a nice change after all the gigging.

MU: What’s the writing process like for you guys, is it quite a collaborative thing?

WF: Yeah it’s very collaborative. I’m kind of the ideas man but everyone chips in. I’m very pop influenced so I tend to write the melodies and then everyone adds elements to it. We all just chip in and jam it out really. Most of our writing is done by just smashing out ideas together.

SH: It’s crazy, sometimes we work on something for like two months and others we can get a whole song written in an afternoon. We tend to find the best songs just come together really naturally and quickly.

MU: So what’s the plan for after the tour?

SH: immediately after it will just be recovery, and then we will be concentrating on getting the new EP out that’s on its way. Later in the year we will be touring again with the new EP, which we’re really looking forward to.

MU: How did you guys come together as a band?

WF: Well, Sam and I grew up together, and the other two we met in high school. Our drummer was actually in the year below, and we fished him out of the music department when we asked who the best drummer was. Morain didn’t happen really until after uni though and since then we’ve pretty much dedicated our lives to it. It’s pretty much all we do now.

MU: Spending that much time together, does it put a strain on the relationships?

SH: We hear a lot of stories of bands falling out on the road, but I think with us because we’ve known each other for so long, we know when to back off and give each other some space. The only time it really becomes an issue is when there’s loads of you crammed into a tiny hotel room and you can’t get any personal space. That can get pretty grim and few tempers can flare up, but generally we get on pretty well.

MU: What are your influences as a band and what influenced you to get into music?

WF: I think the first bands that really got us into music were bands like Blink 182 and Green Day. They were first that really made us think like wow, music is pretty cool, I wanna do that. Since then we have all branched off and discovered our own music tastes, they do cross over a little bit, but it doesn’t really influence what we do as a band. We don’t really sound much like what any of us listen to.

MU: What are you listening to at the moment? Anything you can recommend us?

WF: Nina Nesbitt who we’ve known for a while has just released her album which is really good. *Checks ipod for recently added* Oh and there’s a band called Basic Vacation, they’ve just put an EP out that’s really good.

SH: Bombay Bicycle Club of course, there new album is great! That’s a band who can do no wrong really. It’s almost frustrating to listen to. Every album they’ve released has had such a different sound but always manages to sound like Bombay Bicycle Club, if you know what I mean?

MU: Thanks for chatting with us guys, good luck with the rest of tour and the new EP.

WF: No worries at all, it was a pleasure. Thanks for chatting with us as well.

Check out the latest single ‘Who Would’ve Known’ from their forthcoming EP ‘Worlds Apart’. You can also download it for free, brilliant!

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