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With undeniably catchy hooks, a number of high-profile gigs under their belts and an ever growing fan base, Dundee founded four-piece, Model Aeroplanes, have been steadily paving their way across the UK and kicking up a storm in the process. I managed to grab the lads for a moment using the wonderful medium that is Email and ask about the history, the effect of growing up in the Scottish music scene  and everything in between.

MU: First things first, what do you guys have against model trains?

Model Aeroplanes: It’s a long story which we might let you in on in a year or two when you’re all older and wiser, but for now all you need to know is it involved a model train, a pack of digestive biscuits and garden strimmer.

MU: On a more serious note, where did the name of the band come from?

Model Aeroplanes: Well, after a night in Berlin where we all ended up in different parts of the city, we all met up the next morning and realised we had all ended up with similar aeroplane tattoos on our body’s! What do you know, it was terrifically convenient! Just rude to not make Model Aeroplanes the band’s name after that in our opinions.

MU: Who does what in the band?

Model Aeroplanes: Rory Fleming-Stewart sings and plays guitar, occasionally hitting a cowbell and stomping his foot; Ben Buist plays bass and doesn’t stay in one position on the stage for more than a second and a half; Kieran Smith plays samba beats on drums and (relentlessly) hits cowbell and Grant Irvine plays lead guitar and tries his best to not fall over due to the size of his giant head.

MU: With great acts like Frightened Rabbit, the Twilight Sad and We Were Promised Jetpacks all hailing from the highlands there seems to be a strong network of musicians across the country; how do you feel the indie music scene in Scotland  compares with the rest of the UK? Did you find it easier starting up because of this?

Model Aeroplanes: We’ve always thought that Scotland does so well for itself as a country and this shines through with the music scene. There are dozens of unsigned acts who are just waiting to headline festivals across the world.

Everyone in Scotland knows each other and are generally really friendly with each other, it’s like a big network full of your friends that you work with. Before this year, we’ve not personally had a huge amount of experience in the rest of the UK, so it’s hard to say how it compares, but we know that there is a huge amount of talent down South and all of these acts are fighting to be recognised – so it will seem a lot harder for those acts because of that. In Scotland, you’re just that little bit further out of the way, which geographically is an obvious pain when you’re trying to be spotted. Both locations have issues but we do know we live in an extremely fruitful and creative country, for sure.

MU: Speaking of which, how did you guys meet?

Model Aeroplanes: We actually all met in high school – none of us really had friend’s or were particularly academic, so when we realised we could all also play instruments, it was a total bonus! A lot of classes were ignored and a lot of time was spent in the music department… Stick in school kids, it pays better.

MU: What influences you lyrically?

Model Aeroplanes: Everything! Influences include everything from Paul Simon, Marilyn Manson to Obie Trice. There is never a piece of music you cannot take some form of inspiration from!

MU: Where has been your favourite place to play so far? 

Model Aeroplanes:  It sounds so cliché coming from a Scottish band, but Glasgow is amazing. They really do have some of the best crowds in the world. However, we have recently been down to places such as Manchester and Hull where everyone totally goes for it. It’s so nice to see folk enjoying you. We’ll play anywhere, as long as people can dance.

MU: Anywhere you really want to play?

Model Aeroplanes: EUROPE. We’re really, really excited to get to Europe with our guitars at some point. It’s just such a fun part of the world. America would be insane as well, however there always going to be a spot in our heart’s for Berlin etc.

MU: Are you partial to a pint of Buckfast?

Model Aeroplanes: Yes.

MU: Nuff said. Do you have a favourite track to play live in your set at the moment?

Model Aeroplanes: We have two new songs in the set, which are by no means finished yet but are so fun to jump around to. We really enjoy them. However, a total crowd pleaser always seems to be “Whatever Dress Suits You Better” and then “Innocent Love” at the end is always a great way to get your sweat on.

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MU: Fantastic, well from what I’ve see it all sounds awesome . Plans for the near future? 

Model Aeroplanes: We will have a new single out in the next few months, which we believe will be entitled “Club Low”. We’ll have a digital release and maybe even a video and little tour for you to accompany it…

MU: And we can’t wait to hear it. Nice one lads, Cheers.

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