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Today’s interview is with the upcoming rapper and producer Jay Prince! Jay Prince is one to watch in terms of his musical ability and what he is currently bringing to the industry. I had a quick catch up with him to find out a bit about what he’s been up to…

MU:  Tell us a bit about yourself and what you like doing?

Jay Prince:
Interesting, well asides from music I play a lot of football with friends, also do a lot of filming too;  just really writing out a lot of concepts for future projects.

MU: How long have you been rapping and producing?

Jay Prince: I started writing and producing before I even thought about taking on rapping – and that came about the age 12/13 and then really started the ball rolling when I was 15 . I am now 21.

MU: Have both always been a passion for you or did one come before the other?

Jay Prince: Music as a whole is a passion I don’t really consider these elements of what I do as a separate thing as they all came about at the same time for me, but with that being said music as a whole I have a strong passion for.

MU: You recently produced the phenomenal track ‘The Garden Party’ for Kojey Radical. What kind of attention did you receive from that?

Jay Prince:
It was well received by the people I really appreciated the love myself and Kojey was getting. It meant that much more because it was the first time for me really composing music for Kojey and also with his style it really tested my ability but I really enjoyed it. So I was glad people got to see that side of my compositions and responded positively.

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MU: Are you working on a project at the moment? If so what’s the story behind it?

Jay Prince: Yes I am currently working on my EP named ‘Be For Our Time’ but there’s still details for this EP yet to be revealed as I really want the music to do the talking with songs I have out already like “Polaroids” and “Feel It”they demonstrate a real life perspective of how I see things. So broadly speaking “for now” it contains a lot of truth. But let’s do this again and I’ll get back to you on that.

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MU: What is the most challenging aspect of being a musician for you?

Jay Prince: The most challenging for me used to be networking; things have change now since I decided to take on music. It was always hard for me to get in contact with people I needed. Really struggled trying to put my music out so over time I kept working getting in contact with people trying to get it pushed out there to a wider audience. And until this day I am still learning how to build and just keep networking as it is vital to today’s internet age.

MU: Are there any historical figures you’d say you look up to?

Jay Prince: To be honest my friends and family really keep me going and the kings and queens of the hip hop generation from Mos Def, Dilla, Common, Gill Scott Heron, Outkast, Kendrick, J Cole, Drake, Pete Rock, Erykah Badu. Literally the list goes on!

MU: Describe day to day life for you?

Jay Prince: Everyday is pretty much different with me as I really got to balance out university and music so ideally for me a day to day is just making music. It’s practically my life. Anything music related. And just learning as much as I possibly can.

MU:  If you could be an instrument, what instrument would you be and why?

Jay Prince: My voice is an instrument And I feel blessed that can be in a position to use it to connect with people universally through music.

MU: Favourite cartoon and favourite cereal?!

Jay Prince: Cereal has to be coco pops!…and cartoon: boondocks!

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