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Originally from Kansas, katie MAC is a new addition to Nashville’s pop scene who has dropped her new track “No Fun” today.

“No Fun” is happy-go-lucky catchy country pop song that is about the feeling of putting on those rose-coloured glasses and just being care-free.

katie MAC makes music that aligns to who she is and her life experiences, which has resulted into successful releases that have connected well with her growing fan-base so far, such as her debut album Tears Like Glitter that generated over 500k plays within months of it’s release in June 2019.

“No Fun” should definitely generate more momentum for katie MAC with it’s fun loving vibe. So if you’re feeling in a YOLO (you only live once) mood today, this is the song for you.

Check out our interview with katie MAC about her song “No Fun” and listen to it below.


katie MAC: “No Fun” is about a real life situation I was dealing with a few months back. The story is classic: Boy and girl like each other. Boy and girl pretend not to catch feelings in an attempt to keep things light hearted and low pressure. For me, when this happened I caught feelings for a friend and we were sort of dancing around the question of what we were doing. On one hand, we were definitely more than friends. But on the other hand, we were just having fun, so we avoided talking about it.


katie MAC: The song was inspired by the real life situation. When I sat down to write about it, I literally said to one of my co-writers, “I’m actually pretty in love with him but I feel like that’s no fun and we should write about something else.” And he was like, “that’s it!” And so we wrote about how I was feeling a lot for someone, but really scared to make it real.


katie MAC: I made this song with two amazing songwriters, Chelsea Balland and Cleve Wilson. They’re both so creative and talented, and they helped the story come to life so easily. We eventually passed the production over to me and my regular producer, Kipper, and we went through about a million versions before we settled on the one we have today! It took a while to settle on something because the guitar part can come across country (and I’m definitely a pop artist), so we wanted to make sure we were giving a playful nod to the genre while staying true to my relatable-pop sound.


katie MAC: I think that the song is ironically, really fun and upbeat! I hope that people hear it and it makes them want to dance and feel care-free and light-hearted. I also hope that people can hear the song and feel like they relate, especially now when dating seems pretty much impossible.


katie MAC: Well, depending on if you’re still in quarantine or not, I think you could bump this pretty much anywhere to feel those light-hearted, fun vibes! Taking a drive, dancing in your living room, whatever! Eventually I hope that people play this when they’re out with their friends looking to have a good time!


katie MAC: Yes! I am working on a project currently that will include “No Fun”. It will be out soon and I am really excited about it, but I’m not ready to talk details on that yet!

Listen to and enjoy the new single below!

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