Kanye West Looks Fresh in GQ Magazine


Despite all the criticism Kanye West has gotten as of late, he is surprisingly poised, honest and genuine in his latest GQ interview. Even the fashion spread itself was very tasteful and it really showcased Kanye’s minimal, but very fresh and relatable sense of style.

The spread is also perfect timing because if you follow me on Twitter (@dutyfreecritic) you may have seen that I just reblogged a GIF from Tumblr of Kanye rapping in 1996. Yes, you read that correctly. 1996. People forget (myself included) that he has been in the game since the 90’s, pushing and hustling along trying to make his raps and production chops heard. Lately, it has seemed like his antics have taken center stage before his ground-breaking music, but I hope he perseveres through all of this. He still has the ability to make a record that resonates, but also relates to people. Although I greatly enjoyed Yeezus, it wasn’t necessarily something that many fans could understand. Despite all the backlash, just do you Kanye. You still have a fan over here.

To see the whole editorial spread, click here.

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