jaye is a Singapore-based artist who is establishing himself as a rising artist who makes eclectic and entertaining music.

jaye began his ascent in music in a local folk-rock duo, then he fronted a Japan-based funk group until moving to the UK where he thrived as a DJ. 

These experiences provided jaye with the foundations to become a solo artist with an ability to make a diverse range of music. jaye’s ability to deliver a variety of sounds has led to his rapid popularity in Southeast Asia, where his debut single ‘TOMORROW’, quickly became a top YouTube trend there, earning over a million views within 4 months, launching him skywards into the ranks of the Top 20 Regional SEA Music Charts.

jaye was also featured on MTV Asia and gained over 1 Million streams on Spotify and Apple Music.

jaye’s new single “ADHD” is definitely a song that will capture more fans for jaye and serves as great example of his creativity and diverse sound.

“ADHD” is a moody song that switches energy smoothly throughout the song featuring some lovely mellow moments, mixed in with some hyped up moments with the intention to play with your emotions.

Therefore, if you are up for a thrilling musical experience this is the song for you today.

“ADHD” is a free-form 4 part video where audiences get to literally chose their own fate and control the narrative as they navigate through Attention – Depression – Hit – Dip. 

The first chapter ends with two options and from there the viewer controls the narrative, or at least that’s what they think. The video is a clever representation of the viciousness of the “ADHD” cycle; viewers will feel the same burden that jaye did as he realised that partying did not empower him but in fact hindered his mental health, and life.

Check out our interview with jaye about his song “ADHD” and listen to it below.


jaye: ADHD stands for Attention, Depression, Hit and a Dip. A cycle I believe many of us have been through. By seeking attention, we fall into depression, hitting our vices to numb the pain, but one day hopefully realise it’s time to dip out.


jaye: ADHD was inspired by Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody as I fell in love with the song’s unorthodox structure. It was really only after watching the movie Bohemian Rhapsody that I decided to take myself seriously as a solo music artist, which led me to writing my first proper song ADHD.


jaye: I was having coffee with my producer, raving to him about the movie and song, Bohemian Rhapsody. At that moment, I proposed the idea of a 4-in-1 song. We brainstormed abbreviations that would represent something relatable. We came up with ADHD: Attention, Depression, Hit and Dip as it was a cycle that I had personally gone through. 


jaye: This song makes me feel reborn. I made it out one of the darkest periods of my life and managed not to fall back into that dangerous cycle, which is ADHD. As for others, I would like for them to find comfort in the song and feel less alone.


jaye: When you feel like you’re spiraling in life and at a loss for direction. You may just be trapped in the cycle and not see it, thus this song could act as a reality check for some.


jaye: ADHD will be paired with a choose-your-adventure type music video where you get to decide the fate of the lead character, inspired by Netflix’s Bandersnatch. I will also be launching an endless runner Instagram filter game where you blink your eyes to shoot lasers at incoming enemies!

Listen to and enjoy the video for the new single below!

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