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American singer-songwriter Jacob Whitesides has released his new single “God Took A Bow” which will definitely put your ears to be in a state of calmness.

“God Took A Bow” is a beautifully crafted ballad with minimal production that leaves space to focus on Jacob’s soothing vocals which caress the ears in way that makes you appreciate his genuine heartfelt lyrics for his loved one.

Listed as one of Spotify’s and Pandora’s artist to watch a few years ago, Jacob Whitesides looks set to build on that momentum by delivering more awesome new music to his worldwide fanbase that he has built up through a vast amount of live shows.

“God Took A Bow” sets the tone well for his fans to eagerly anticipate more great music from him, whilst demonstrating his maturity as a songwriter and dedication to becoming a highly-acclaimed artist.

Check out our interview with Jacob Whitesides about his song “God Took A Bow” and listen to it below.


Jacob Whitesides: Coming out of a long break-up with an ex-girlfriend, I spent months discovering who I was, and ultimately wrote “God Took A Bow” which is about my current girlfriend and the eye-opening beauty that I discovered when we first met.


Jacob Whitesides: “God Took A Bow” was inspired by a very nostalgic night of just driving around with someone I really loved. One of my favourite things to do is nothing, and that’s all we did. I think when you do things as simple as driving around in the middle of the night listening to music with nowhere to go, it creates a distraction free environment to just be with someone, and appreciate them in new ways. I’m not really religious, but I’d like to think whatever created this person spent a little extra time. And they were very proud of the outcome.


Jacob Whitesides: It was actually a really frustrating day in the studio. We had spent close to 6 hours on another song that I just wasn’t really into in that moment. And I walked outside and just sat by myself for around thirty minutes. When I came back, my producer David had closed that previous project and opened up a fresh new one and was playing these beautiful melodies on this angelic sounding pad, and I instantly felt inspired and the song was written so quickly. It’s tough scrapping ideas you’ve worked a long time on, but it usually works out for me.


Jacob Whitesides: “God Took A Bow” feels like all those times when I was kid staring out of the car window with my iPod blasting super nostalgic songs and pretending like I was living in a movie or music video. I’ve listened to this song a million times because it’s one of my favourite things I’ve created. And each time, it feels like an out of body experience. I feel like the song can be interpreted in so many different ways, and you can feel so many different emotions at once listening to it, which separates it from anything else I’ve written in the past. It isn’t as specific and self-explanatory, and you can just shut your eyes and listen without having to think.


Jacob Whitesides: The best occasion is if you’re an astronaut, and you’re right at that point in the sky where it transitions from light blue to space (or at least that’s how it works in my head). But if you’re not an astronaut, it just feels like one of those you listen to with the windows down on a warm night right as its starting to get dark, it’ll send you on a nostalgic trip.


Jacob Whitesides: “God Took A Bow” is the first single being released that’s part of my upcoming EP Winter Hurts that’s coming out on May 15th that I am so proud of. The songs feel timeless to me, I get the same feeling listening to them now as I do two years ago when I wrote them, and that’s such a rare feeling for me. These are the type of songs I want to sing to my kids one day, and hopefully to fans 40 years from now when I’m old and washed up. The type of songs that I won’t view differently based on the amount of streams they get, they are more than that to me.

Listen to and enjoy the new single below!

Alternatively listen to song on Spotify here and Apple Music here.

You can also pre-order his EP Winter Hurts: https://ffm.to/winterhurtsep

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