IN or OUT: Mr Hudson – Dancing Thru It

Mr Hudson has been an interesting an enigmatic character in the face of modern music. Backed by arguably the most influential artist Kanye West, Mr Hudson broke into the scene with the hit “Supernova” in 2009. Featuring heavy on Kanye’s ground breaking album “808’s & Heartbreaks”, Mr Hudson was the first of many voices which amalgamated the contemporary pop and hip-hop slash “urban” music. In addition to his chart topping feature on Jay-Z’s “Forever Young”, Mr Hudson has imprinted himself as a critical artist in the field.

Following a stint of writing and co-production behind the scenes, Mr Hudson has been steadily working on his third studio album titled “Autumn in August”. During the wait, Mr Hudson drops a single titled “Dancing Thru It” showing us that work is still ongoing towards a full label release.

We at MusicUmpire have had a listen to “Dancing Thru It” and weighed in with our own opinions.

AT – The voice surprised me too be honest but made me smile. Decent rhythm, nice play on the vocals. It’ll either grow on people or catch them. IN

KRISH – Just about for me. Initially I was waiting for it to do something and really capture me so it bored me a little, but once I stopped waiting and just settled into the melody, I really enjoyed it. Definitely grew on me and think it’ll be a good mid-summer track. IN

MICHAEL – Although it has a memorable hook, the distorted production and falsetto vocals are too annoying for me to enjoy. Not feeling it and don’t think it will catch on. OUT

NADIA – I got bored after the first minute. Yes the hook is memorable but its more of an annoying version of The Weeknd. OUT

STEFAN: Lots of interesting things going on with the drum sequencing plus some really good writing. IN

In a contentious round of critique, by a very narrow margin, us at Music Umpire have deemed Mr Hudson’s “Dancing Thru It” as:




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