IN or OUT: Mi’das – Feels Like Only Yesterday


With a number of highly rated live performances and interest from some major outlets, budding artist Mi’das is a singer-songwriter that screams of potential. His ear for musicality is only matched by his high work-rate which has seen him release three EPs “Glow”, “Grow” and “Stronger”. The Sevenoaks artist is keen to let his music speak for himself unlike many modern artists who rely on elusiveness and mystique. Mi’das lays himself out clearly as soul singer and songwriter and with his latest offering “Feels Like Only Yesterday” he establishes his sound and influences. We at MusicUmpire tackle his latest track to see if he is IN or OUT.

HARRY: Not my usual cup of tea but it’s nice easy listening. I’m also happy with the sort of resurgence of funky rhythms and ‘Nile Rogers’-esque guitar riffs that have been brought about by the Daft Punk/Pharrell phenomenon. – IN

AT: It’s easy on the ears, a sense of smoothness to it. – IN

KRISH: Really enjoyed this. Felt like he’d gained inspiration from Stevie Wonder himself. The cool, dreamlike backing track with the chill, but still vibrant vocals did it for me. Got such a warm vibe to it. – IN

NADIA: It’s enjoyable and had a very smooth flow to it. – IN

MICHAEL: Like everyone else, I agree that this song is definitely in. It’s timeless music that makes you feel good and warm. – IN

Unanimous. Mi’das has curated a vibe that the team seems to love and enjoy. Nothing left to say: “Feels Like Only Yesterday” by Mi’das:


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