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Gwamz is a new Afro-swing artist bringing smooth two-steppers from Ghana via South West London with his bubbly R&B sound.

Telling tales of love from inside the big bad London City, Gwamz wears his heart on his sleeve. Only in his first couple years of producing and recording music he has been steadily dropping popular gems on UK-staple GRM Daily.

“Omajé” will be his 7th official release to bless the ears of his growing fanbase. Playing with the distinct West African ‘pidgin’ dialect and having fun with the sound, Gwamz is set for popular success through carrying that good vibe we all need at the moment.

Interested in what Gwamz has to say when we spoke to him about “Omajé”, read on.


Omajé is a love story where a young man is willing to do anything for  in order to win her over. He is infatuated by her beauty, absolutely love struck. This guy
has never met anyone like Omajé before and in his mind nobody else can compete.


The main inspiration came from me catching a vibe and listening to Wizkid’s latest album
“Made in Lagos”.

I have seen many love stories and how they unfolded in the end, some good and some bad. I love being able to embed stories like these into my music and see how they translate into song form.

Not only this, but my heritage is Ghanaian so that culture and musical style always influences my music and creation.


It took me a few days to write as I wanted to deliver it perfectly with the right execution. It was really fun because once I heard the beat, so many ideas came to my head! This also made it slightly difficult though because you can only fit so many concepts into a 2-3 minute song.


Omajé gives me sweet, happy vibes as it is a love ballad between two people. The instrumental (produced by AnzyBeatz) is really bright and captivating so I think it really resonates with the ear of the listener when hearing the track…

… you know when you see couples on Instagram caption “goals”, I want this song to be what comes into your head when you see posts or real-life examples like that. Omajé really speaks heavy on some of the love languages like Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service and Quality time.


Funnily enough I can actually imagine Omajé being played at a wedding reception or African hall party! Whenever COVID-19 allows, I am sure those gathering in that setting will catch a vibe from this song. I just want this song to make people feel good you know? With Valentine’s day coming up you guys need to make sure you’ve got Omajé on your playlists haha!


Omajé will be part of a project I am currently working on. I am really excited for it and Omajé is just the start! 

In terms of when you might get to take in this project… let’s just say you’ll be hearing a lot about Gwamz in 2021!

Listen to and enjoy the song below!

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