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Up and coming New York City based anti-pop artist Gurba has released his second single “Saw You There” for your ears to appreciate.

Fusing dreamy electric guitar melodies with floaty synth sounds and an upbeat percussion, “Saw You There” is a song that will take you on an aesthetically pleasing unconventional journey reminiscent to the British art rock sounds of the 2000s.

The 22 year old intends to craft blissful art- rock music for the new decade, where he can put his raw talent as a multi-instrumentalist to good use and explore the various unique sonic landscapes that draw from his influences which include the likes of Frank Ocean, Radiohead and The Beatles.

Gurba is currently third in the Reverbnation charts in his local region and with the addition of “Saw You There” in his discography it further validates his recognition as an rising artist to be aware of.

Check out our interview with Gurba about his song “Saw You There” and listen to it below.


Gurba: Early on, I knew I wanted the delivery of the vocals to feel like a stream of consciousness. Lyrically I’m jumping around, referencing a few different things from my past.

It’s not the typical song structure I’m used to writing in, but that was the intention. I don’t think the song is solely about one thing, but if someone finds there to be some theme tying it all together, that’s awesome.

I will say, each stanza draws from a different memory.


Gurba: I wanted to write a song with a sort of looping instrumental. I thought it would be interesting to see how many different flows I could try while still being cohesive, and possibly catchy.


Gurba: The earliest version of this song dates back to late 2015. The tempo was much slower and the lyrics were completely random. Initially, they only served to house the melody. About a year and a half later I revisited the song with clearer intentions of how I wanted the arrangement to go, but I still struggled with the lyrics. It took some time to get past the original words. They were interesting, but they didn’t really mean anything to me.

I tracked a full demo at my house, playing all the instruments, random lyrics and all, but with an instrumental much closer to what I wanted. Months went by, and in March of 2018 I decided to start officially tracking the song. First, I programmed some Logic drums, transcribing what I recorded on that home demo. They were supposed to just be a placeholder for the real drums, but after recording some, I decided to keep the programmed ones. I just love the way these quantized drums make me feel.

It kind of gives off an 80s vibe too, and I wanted to tap into that. I recorded the bass in my dorm’s common room. The guitars were also tracked there, but I did some overdubs at my house.

After finalizing the lyrics, I tracked the vocals at one of the recording studios at my college. Mixing this was certainly a labor of love. It was super challenging because at the time, mixing was still so new to me. I’m a perfectionist, so it’s easy to get obsessed with a project.

There can definitely be some downsides to this if you’re not careful. The song taught me to respect the point in a creative process where you just have to walk away. You could unintentionally do more harm than good if you’re not mindful. That’s always been a challenge for me, but I’m getting better 🙂


Gurba: I’ve lived with this song for so long now, that it’s honestly hard for me to give an objective answer to this. Whether it makes you want to dance, or cry, I just hope it leaves you feeling inspired in some way.


Gurba: Hmm… when you’re driving alone, and you get that feeling you just want to blast some music, singing as loud as you can. I also feel like you could put this song on some headphones, and just tune the world out, especially at night.


Gurba: None! Just a single 🙂

Listen to and enjoy the new single below!

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