Enjoy as Ghetts skates around his house on this video for Microsoft Word

Produced by Swindle

Ghetts, formerly known as Ghetto, has released a home video for all the lockdown listeners. Microsoft Word, is a teaser of an album dropping soon, that follows 2018’s LP Ghetto Gospel. 

The disclaimer reads: Ghetts was bored in the house, while in the house bored. This song is not on his album, I repeat not on his album. It is not for sale. You can only watch it…here…now (so do that) Thanks for understanding and sorry for any inconveniences.

My favourite line is when he asks Alexa to “play mans song next”.

Ghetts provided vocals for Swindle’s huge album last year, No More Normal, on the song Drill Work.

Just last week Nines released the 26-minute epic video for Crop Circles 2, Ghetts features a role along with Kojey Radical. Check that out here.

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