Enjoy The Lyonz two new cosmic hip hop singles “Push That Way” and “Animosity”

Canadian Duo, The Lyonz have released their new two-track EP Push That Way / Animosity. The new EP follows Right Of Asylum / Where I Be and maybe the pair’s most accessible offering yet as they intensify their outpouring of explorative cosmic hip hop music

“Push That Way” is a shimmering boom-bap banger about how your obsessions can consume you. With a catchy refrain, it transports the listener to neon-lit nightscapes, darkly-lit vintage coffee shops, and jazz bars. Hushed scratchy raps whisper in the ear above a dreamy groove that becomes more and more intoxicating as the track becomes more and more addictive.

“Animosity” joins “Push That Way” with a harder more experimental sound, breaking for a superb washed-out saxophone interlude flecked with summer memories. There’s a glow surrounding the track and a restrained heart-pumping beat that touches on the spiritually embossed moods of the Sun Ra Orchestra. On the track, The Lyonz explain; “Animosity is a burning flower trying to be extinguished, but the hopeful breaths make the fire spread.”

Press play and enjoy both songs below.

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