Enjoy Poppy Ajudha impress you in her home visual for “Strong Womxn”

Poppy Ajudha  has released her self directed home visual for her empowering new single “Strong Womxn”.

Shot, directed and curated by the songstress herself in the living room of her home, the visuals see her audition for us with a lot of passion.

On the visual, Poppy explains:

“Sometimes it feels like everyday is an audition. We dress up, we dress down, we try hard… to look effortless, to look cool, to look intelligent, to look sexy, to be accepted, to be desirable, to rebel against being desirable. We over think every second of everyday, to be safe, to be heard, to not offend, to be successful, to be palatable, just to make it through to the next.”

Press play and enjoy below.

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