Enjoy the music video of Mob Rich’s new alternative bop “Everything and Nothing”

Alt-pop duo Mob Rich (formerly Moby Rich) have shared a new single entitled “Everything and Nothing”.

“Everything and Nothing” is another alternative bop from the band, the track illuminates the nuances of the pair’s signature style. Its lyrics describe the price of vulnerability in relationships, telling a story about the mixture of trepidation, elation, excitement, and dread that comes with new beginnings. “You make me feel like everything and nothing,” describing the fear of the unknown and the excitement of what could be.

On this feeling the band described: “Everything and Nothing’ makes us think about every first date we’ve ever had. In that moment the possibilities are endless. You could be sitting across the table from someone you will spend forever with, or they might just be here for drinks and maybe a one-night stand.”

The accompanying music video further describes this feeling via emotionally palpable choreography as the video’s star dances throughout downtown Atlanta. One can’t help but feel happier watching the contagious joy and emotions portrayed by the routine.

Press play and enjoy.


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