Enjoy Louis Dunford reminisce in his music video for “When We Were Hooligans”

Louis Dunford slaps us on the cheek with nostalgia to remind us of the taste of teenage freedom with his new single “When We Were Hooligans”.

If you’re watching your life slip away through lockdown this acoustic anthem will happily remind you of the moments that felt like they’d never end.

Dunford weaves us his story through the streets of North London, starting from his home on the Morland Mews estate. After stealing a tenner from his mum’s purse to split a pouch of tobacco and a pack of Stella, he runs into the Chardonnay sipping Queens of his younger days, the moped stealing Kings and the dastardly Old Bill always on patrol.

Following on from the heartbreaking London’s Requiem and the powerfully poignant Regretamine singles, Louis Dunford leaves no reasonable doubt that his songwriting lives us to the “one to watch” acclaim from the likes of i-D and Sony Music. The Morland EP is out now.

Imagine running through the streets of North London and enjoy “When We Were Hooligans”!


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