Enjoy Kina’s chilled lo-fi song with Mokita entitled “I’m Not Going Back”

Platinum-selling producer Kina has shared his latest track “I’m Not Going Back” featuring Nashville-based singer Mokita.

The song blends Mokita’s rich, unique vocals with Kina’s signature lo-fi beats and is released today alongside a lyric video.

In speaking about the collaboration, Kina says: “I discovered Mokita thanks to Spotify – I remember when ‘Colorblind’ started playing on shuffle; I was shocked and kept the song playing on loop for a long time. I knew I needed to make a song with him…and now here’s ‘I’m Not Going Back.’ We worked remotely because of the COVID situation (and because I’m in Lisbon and he’s from the U.S.). The song was born in an incredibly difficult, but inspirational period that I was living in. I’m so happy with the final result simply because it completely represents my mood during that period of time.”

Press play and enjoy.

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