Enjoy Fredo take it “Back To Basics” in the visuals for his new single

Fredo brings it back to basics in the build-up to the highly anticipated album Money Can’t Buy Happiness.

Although Fredo has achieved notoriety in the UK scene with numerous chart placements in the last two years, the West London rapper has his own set of problems to deal with.

“Back to Basics” is a reminder to everyone dealing with a tough year that the best thing we can do to cope is to look after our loved ones and keep our support bubbles close.

Discussing what he has been up to, Fredo said:

“I want to apologise for the wait. I had a whole different style album that didn’t really mean anything to me. Meanwhile a lot was going on in life that I was angry and confused about. I really thought that once you have money you can’t not be happy inside even if stuff’s going on but it’s not like that. I felt like the project I was working on before was me but doesn’t really explain me. I don’t want people thinking that certain things I rap about are important or the key of life because they’re not. Most things I rap about are just what I been through or reality for me and my friends.”

Watch “Back To Basics” below and enjoy.


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