IN or OUT: Disclosure ft. Sam Smith – Omen


Author’s Note: In this new format “IN or OUT”, we take the current tracks of today and run them through the team at Music Umpire to see whether we collectively agree if its “IN” or “OUT”. This post will be one of many for Music Umpire.

Three years since collaborating on their smash hit single “Latch” that ignited both their careers into super stardom, Disclosure and Sam Smith reunite to provide us with a new song that will feature on Disclosure’s forthcoming album Caracal (due out on 6th September) called “Omen”.

The Music Umpires will now take turns deciding whether Disclosure’s “Omen” is IN or OUT:

KRISH:  Sam Smith’s vocals give it a super catchy melody, but the warped Disclosure underlay gives it the perfect foundation for potential summer remixes as well– IN

STEFAN: Apart from some nice, brief chord progressions, the track doesn’t stand out from what the two have done before. Too comfortable. Not a better song than “Latch”.– OUT

NADIA: Although, I agree – it’s not a better song than “Latch”, but it’s still catchy as hell and has real potential to become a summer anthem. Signature Disclosure beats make you want to move along to it’s rhythm. – IN

OJ:  Not my cup of tea. Not a fan of the vocal style with the instrumental and it just doesn’t touch my soul to be honest!!– OUT

MICHAEL:  The chorus could be better, but it still a very good groovy and chilled track fitting for the summer.– IN

SAM: I’d prefer to listen to an old Disclosure track despite the fact that I am sick of them, having listened to them all 1000 times. That isn’t the sign of a good song. Also trying to remember what the song sounded like 5 mins after you listened to it, quite hard isn’t? – OUT

AT: For now this seems like a tune that will split an audience. The vocals seem to drag the backing beat. Would work well in a casual summer event. Doesn’t quite work right now, it’s like trying to be a striker when you’re clearly a goalkeeper. Might be a grower. – OUT

ELECTRA:  I lost interest in the song quite early on in the beginning. Kept waiting for it to pick up but was left disappointed. I had high expectations for another great Sam Smith & Disclosure collab but this track was lacking in substance. – OUT

VERDICT: The Music Umpires have given their analysis of “Omen” and  and it is pretty clear that the majority have given it a resounding OUT, it was always going to be hard for Disclosure and Sam Smith to top “Latch”, I guess.



Let us know what you think of Disclosure ft. Sam Smith – “Omen” in the comments below!

Download “Omen” here.

Pre-order Caracal here.

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