Cristina Hart – I’m A Mess | PREMIERE

Cristina Hart is a 22 year-old Swiss pop artist who makes fun relatable songs that are vulnerable and honest lyrically.

Cristina Hart moved to London in 2016 to pursue her music career after finishing college and studying songwriting, where she developed her writing skills, sonic identity and live performance skills.

This has led her to gradually build up her reputation in the London live music scene with her catchy pop music that entices people sing along to it, which she recently experienced when she performed at Sofar Sounds in London.

In 2016, she released her first ever collab with Swiss producer Hilow called “Fell In Love With You” and it got streamed over 3 million times.

Cristina Harts looks to continue that success with her new song “I’m A Mess”  which is a great demonstration of what she is all about.

“I’m A Mess” is a feel-good song that beautiful blends sparkly synths, a clicking percussion and a dreamy bass with an infectious self-deprecating hook.

Therefore, this song is great anthem for the #OKNotToBeOK movement or for those of us who are in work in progress mode.

Check out our interview with Cristina Hart about her song “I’m A Mess” and listen to it below.


Cristina Hart: It’s about not feeling like you have your sh*t together, admitting it to yourself and dancing to that realisation.


Cristina Hart: I got the idea for “I’m A Mess” while visiting family in Madrid. I’d fallen really ill, couldn’t speak and much less, sing. People tend to see me as this person who always has it together but the truth is, no one does.

Back when I wrote it in 2019, I’d kept getting ill and was so sick of it (pardon the pun) and I just wanted to shout it loud and clear that I felt like a mess just as much as any other person.

It felt so liberating writing this tune and putting it to an upbeat production.


Cristina Hart: It was actually the song I’ve worked on that came the most naturally!

After singing the main hook into my voice memos app – despite my no-show voice – I continued writing it back in London.

I then took it in the studio to demo with my long-time collaborator and producer Takooree alongside a couple of other songs.

We had three songs to demo that day and only 7 hours to do it – but after only a couple of hours I knew we’d found the right direction for “I’m A Mess” and was so excited to finish it!


Cristina Hart: It makes me feel good about myself by admitting that I’m not perfect while still having fun. Talking about doubts and fears doesn’t always have to be translated into this deep sad song, and I felt that by having such a universal message alongside a pop hook, I could get people to feel the same way I did; liberated.

At every one of my gigs, people sing along to the chorus with a big smile on their face and it makes me so so happy.


Cristina Hart: I’d say definitely if you’ve had one of those bad days, put it on and you’ll feel so much better – almost in control of your own little messy world.


Cristina Hart: It is! It’s part of my debut EP Sell a Dream which is coming out later this year but there’s also a second single around the corner, I’m super excited to release it!

Listen to and enjoy the new single below!

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