COVER OF THE WEEK: Rap God by Eminem (Cover by Everyll Music)

Everyll may look familiar to some of you as a Season 8 contestant on the X Factor, but since her time on that show she has managed to make a name for herself on YouTube in just under a year. With already a whopping sixty videos under her belt, Everyll charges through cover songs like a pro so it should come as no surprise that her recent Eminem cover of ‘Rap God’ has already garnered 200,000 views on YouTube.

A winning attribute of many of Everyll’s covers is the production. In regards to the sound quality of ‘Rap God,’ it shines a light on the ever improving “home studio.” Imagine how difficult it is to make high quality covers without simply recreating all the layers of the song yourself. Everyll manages to overcome this obstacle to such a degree that her song covers are often times better than the original.

Yet it is not the production quality that has led so many to become enthralled with her. Everyll is a lovely singer, but what has impressed thousands is her rap prowess. It’s no secret: her flow is contagious. She has the voracity of a hungry rapper who lives for the clever rhymes and fast words, which is why she shines in ‘Rap God’; especially at moments like 4:14, viewers just cannot comprehend how she spits quicker than most seasoned emcees. However, it is no easy feat for Everyll. For her and her fellow YouTubers, it is the hours of practice which transform these budding talents into artists. Despite her success, the beauty of YouTube is that viewers witness her passion within the confines of her living room. It makes her meteoric fame that much more deserving. But don’t let the grainy video quality fool you: Everyll is a star just waiting to be signed.


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