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When Coi Leray emerged on to the Hip Hop scene in 2017, the rap sensation did things her way. Her music was an embodiment of who she was at the time, and it was different in that she brought her listeners into a carefree world of individuality and charismatic energy.

After dropping her acclaimed EP ​Now or Never​, Coi Leray is continuing her trend of being original, but most importantly, she’s evolving into more than just a premier rapper. She is becoming a full-fledged artist who understands there’s so much more to her craft than what is expected.

Hailing from New Jersey, Coi was born into a family that inspired her to go out and get her own so that she stood out from her siblings. With the guidance and support of her parents, Coi moved out of the house by age 17 and found a job working in sales, which she excelled at. However, despite working in that environment, music always had a place in her heart.

Therefore, she embarked on her music career and hasn’t looked back since. Coi Leray is an artist on the rise who has been consistently dropping viral hits over the last year. Check out our interviewed with her below.

How has quarantine been treating you?

It’s been good, I’ve been staying focused, staying out of the way, learning a lot about the world that I probably didn’t really pay attention to when everything was open, so I love it.

However, unfortunately, we lost a lot of people to this pandemic and it’s messing up a lot of business! However, I am making the best out of it for sure.

What is “No More Parties” about and what inspired it?

“No More Parties” is just basically about elevating…you know we’ve been through a lot. In 2020 we lost a lot of people and I just feel like this year it’s really time to just sit down and focus on what’s important.

And I actually got invited to a party the night I wrote the song and I didn’t want to go to the party, I just wasn’t feeling it. It was one of those industry parties and these days you can’t just give anybody flowers, you gotta pull up with a Dior bag or something, so I don’t know, I was just over it.

Then it just hit me and I started just thinking about it a lot, so I put it in a song and now it’s like the hottest record in the world right now.

Your new music video for “No More Parties” was released recently and received 2million in 24 hours. How did the collaboration with Lil Durk come about? 

Well, I had hit him up and I was like I want you in the song and he was like he f**ks with the song, he wants to get on it. So he ended up getting on the song and I actually tweeted “yo Durk’s getting on the song” just to secure it because he said he was getting on it, but I needed to secure it. Then he sent the song, in like 2 days and it was so fire, he bodied it, shout out to Durk, I’ve been a fan of Durk since “Molly Gurl”.

What future collaborations do you have coming soon that fans should be excited about?

We are about to drop my song “Big Purr” featuring Pooh Sheisty today, it’s going viral on TikTok right now and we have over 300,000 videos already, just on the snippet of it and we have 200,000 pre-saves, so I’m just super excited to drop it.

You grew up loving the Powerpuff girls and even have a Powerpuff girls tattoo on your leg. If you were to be in a film to recreate the Powerpuff girls which Powerpuff girl would you play and who would play the other Powerpuff girls with you?

I would be all three. They all have different personalities. You’ve got Bubble she is like the fun, outgoing one, then you’ve got Buttercup, the rebel, and then you’ve got Blossom, you know the one who actually has mind right I would say, well they all got their mind right, but she is just the leader, has a real leader mentality and looks out for her girls, so I’m all three.

You stated in a previous interview that Lady Gaga is your biggest influence in music. Is she still your biggest influence, and why?

I love Lady Gaga, I’ve always loved Lady Gaga, just off the simple fact that she is so unique. She never really cares what anyone has to say about her and that’s really why she is such a big inspiration to me. She always stood for what she stood for and she doesn’t care what anybody has to say, she gonna do what she wants. That is what made her like a star, you know what I’m saying and I love that.

I watched your new cooking series, Cooking with Coi Leray, what sparked that idea to start the show and have you always enjoyed cooking?

I love cooking, I’ve been cooking since I was young. I love cooking, I love food. I’m a foodie, I know I’m small but I can eat like anything, I love eating everything and anything.

What is your next tattoo going to be?

My next tattoo, I’m actually getting right on my forearm, it will probably be a drawn cartoon character.

What did your job in sales teach you about life?

It taught me to be kind. I use to work in sales and I use to do a lot of customer service and I learned a lot about being kind because you know the one thing about this industry it’s based on relationships, so you want to be kind to people always.

What do you aim to achieve with your music?

Everything I talk about in my music, I write through experience, so I just hope a lot of women and men, young women, young men are able to use my songs to help them get through, you know the situations that they can relate to that I went through.

You consistently drop motivational songs about leveling up, achieving your goals such as “Do Better” and recently “No More Parties”. What keeps you focused on achieving success?

What’s keeping focus is you know I’m still hungry. We are number 37 on the Billboard right now and it’s not enough for me. I’m so happy to be on the Billboard, but I want to be number freaking 1, 2 or even 3 the most, so I’m just hungry and I surround myself with good people. My team is amazing and I feel like as long you surround yourself with good people, you are going to be good.

How important is money and success for you?

Well, I say success is lonely, in the sense that success really requires you putting yourself first and making sure you focus on yourself, not really everybody else and what everybody else is doing; and money is just like financial freedom, it’s amazing, but money is not everything. So people need to understand that money can’t buy you happiness, but money does give you financial freedom, so you do need money, but don’t let it change you.

Do you still live by your philosophy of everything COZY and what is COZY for those that don’t know?

‘Everything cozy’ is just always being comfortable no matter what, you what I’m saying, it is what it is. Always being comfortable in anything, any situation, whether its clothes, your environment, the people around you…you always want to be comfortable. So everything always got to be cozy. ‘Everything cozy’ we now elevated up to the country club, you know what I’m saying, shout out to my country club, we all lit.

What festival are you most looking forward to performing at?

I can’t wait to perform at Coachella, I can’t wait till Rolling Loud opens back up. I love Rolling Loud and all of the Rolling Loud festivals are lit, so I can’t for wait that.

How did you become a SavagexFenty ambassador?

They reached out to me and then I signed a deal SavagexFenty. Then Fenty Skin sent me stuff directly from Fenty Skin, so I don’t know how close that is to Rihanna,  but you know Fenty is Rihanna, so Rihanna, when you see this girl, just know that I love you and Fenty Skin, I’ve been using it every single day and I have not gone to anything else.

You easily switch your vocal range between gruff rapping and angelic singing. Do you consider yourself to be a popstar or hip hop star?

Oh yeah, I’m a popstar, I’m a popstar for sure. I’m an artist, I’m a GOAT.

How did the opportunity to work with Karl Kani come about in order for you to recreate Aaliyah’s classic photos for “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number?

Karl Kani, shout out to Karl Kani, I love Karl. Me and Karl have worked together on many different occasions, outside of his clothes. He is a really good friend of mine and he actually has a lot of fire stuff coming out soon this year, so get ready for Karl Kani. Make sure you check it out.

I was just over at his house one day, in his warehouse/office where he all of this stuff and we go there to chill. We talk about ideas, get really creative and he had like the sweater there that Aaliyah had worn. He ended up also having the glasses and the hat, so I was like take this picture of me. I love being creative.


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What was your favourite holiday in your childhood and why?

My favourite holiday was Thanksgiving because I love to eat.

Do you think Tik Tok is good for music and why?

I think TikTok is great for music because you have everybody from all over the world, all different countries, different places, and different ethnicities coming together and turning up.

What is your favourite dish to cook and why?

My favourite dish to cook is surf and turf because I love mash potatoes, I love seafood. So you’ve got lobster, mash potatoes and steak, I love steak.

What is your favourite TV show or YouTube channel right now and why?

Outdoor Chef Life. He goes out fishing and he cooks right on the spot and makes sushi like right on his boat, it’s super fire.

In your opinion, which rapper has the best fashion sense?

Travis Scott because he is just fly like he is different for real for real. I mean that’s self-explanatory, you really don’t have to get into that, it’s Travis Scott hahaha.

In your opinion, what is the best song you have made so far and why?

The best song that I’ve made so far is “No More Parties” because right now, it’s the biggest record in the world.

In your opinion what is the best zodiac sign and why?

Taurus of course. I’m a Taurus, we are the best, I don’t know why but we just are. Every Taurus that I meet, is just lit!

What would be the most iconic collaboration you would do in your opinion?

Me, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj and Drake all in one song.

In your opinion, who is the greatest artist from New Jersey?

I don’t know…me! Oh yeah nah, she’s the GOAT. I keep forgetting SZA is from Jersey, shout out to SZA. She is the best, she’ll take the crown, she can take the crown.

We believe 2021 is going to be a big year for Coi Leray who is rapidly on the rise to stardom and has an album coming soon. So make sure you keep an eye on Coi Leray’s music and add to your playlists!

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