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Awni is a Jordan-born Californian raised rapper who has been honing his rap skills since the age of 15.

Now 22 years of age, Awni is looking to make some major moves and start some waves in 2020 with his music.

Coming from a Middle Eastern background, it was initially hard for him to break out, but due to the fact hip hop has evolved into a globally acceptable culture with rappers coming from various backgrounds, it has paved the way for Awni to progress in the scene.

Awni has already manage to cultivate an international following that is steadily growing, especially in the Middle East.

His new track “Money” demonstrates his dope bars that flow so smoothly over the beat that is fuelled by a booming bass that will get you gassed up and ready to flex for no reason.

Check out our interview with Awni about “Money” and listen to the banging song below.


Awni: Money is about me talking about the importance of money. I feel like it really stands out on the album because I kind of stepped out of my bubble making this track. To sum it up, it’s about money and my lifestyle.


Awni: I was in the studio with a couple of friends that were also part of this album and I had just felt like I was on top of the world.

I always thank God because he has given me a lot of opportunities at such a young age and I try my best to capitalize on every single opportunity that comes my way.

Whilst I was in the studio with my friends, I just felt like spazzing. I had seen a lot of posts on Twitter of girls complaining about their man and how he doesn’t treat them right and always ask for money, so I just felt like flexing a little bit , nothing personal, the song was facts.


Awni: The creative process was amazing, I was in the studio with a few of my friends in Jordan and I had just received a beat from CXDY, as soon as I heard the first keys in the song the rest of the song was already in my head.

I freestyled most of it and started singing the hook, then my friends started gassing me up, so I instantly turn the mic on and finished it in that same sitting.


Awni: It makes me feel like a king and I want to make other people feel like kings and queens. I want them to put the song on and spazz out.

I want them to be inspired and feel the same way I do about money.


Awni: Anywhere and anytime. If you’re happy play “Money”, if you’re sad play “Money”, if you are with a couple of friends play “Money” and if you are at a party play “Money”.

I want this song to make people feel good and do better.


Awni: “Money” is a part of my album PROFOUND that I released on 14 April 2020, which is a 15 track LP. The album is available on all streaming platforms.

GO BUY IT !!! I put blood sweat and tears into this album it took a long time to create but I’m glad this is the way it turned out because I couldn’t be happier.

Listen to and enjoy the song below!

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