ALBUM REVIEW: The Veronicas – The Veronicas

The Veronicas, the new self entitled album, from identical twin sisters Jessica and Lisa Origliasso, has been a long time coming. Requiring a fat cat lawyer and a lot of determination to extricate themselves from a record label that, due to debate of over ‘creative direction’, had not released a Veronicas album in four years has meant that the pop veterans are trying to reposition themselves in the charts and minds of the pop world. No mean feat considering that ten years has passed since they released their first album and sixteen years has passed since they formed, and yet one they achieved with a UK top 10 hit in the form of “You Ruin Me”, a heart wrenching break up piece in which the emotion is very audible. It’s this candidness and desire to at least attempt to make some sort of point that has always separated the Veronicas from other pop acts; they seem very genuine in a world of shallow contemporaries.

I so wanted this to be their come back album, I wanted it to all be brilliant, and it’s not. But it is half brilliant.

It opens so well with “Sanctified”, a striking lead that cites their love of 90s music with nods to Massive Attack and even a strong whiff of blues (perhaps attributable to the part US part Auz residential set up) and then rolls relentlessly on with its fingers clasped around your hair with the “Did You Miss Me”. But, then it hits you; the first of seven tracks throughout the album that are no doubt chart friendly, catchy, hook laden, pop tunes, but also underwhelming. I love exactly seven tracks, and I hate the other seven.

So because I want this album to be good, I am just going to ignore them.

The new tracklisting:

1. Sanctified

2. Did You Miss Me

3. Line of Fire

4. Always

5. You Ruin Me

6. Cold

7. You and Me

Now this is a brilliant pop album. From the exciting dance floor pop anthems of “Did You Miss Me”, to the fist clenched mascara streaked hysterical scream inducing “Cold”to the round a campfire tweeness of “You and Me”it’s got it all.

Top Tracks: “You Ruin Me”, “Cold” and “You and Me” 


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