ADGY is an up and coming Irish singer-songwriter who has just released his awesome single “Lighter” and is set to be releasing a number of singles in 2021.

ADGY is a triple threat musician who writes songs, produces, and performs.

He kickstarted his career in music by studying songwriting and music at the Bristol Institute of Modern Music and graduated with a BA Hons degree. After graduating from University he moved to London where he performed and gigged, he later returned to Ireland where he has spent the past couple of years writing and developing his current sound as a songwriter and artist.

His debut track “Like You Do” has been streamed over 1 million times on Youtube and has been featured on BBC Introducing.

His influences include a wide range of artists from – Sam Smith, Bastille, Tate Mc Rae, The 1975, Lana Del Rey, MNEK, and Lewis Capaldi. In 2021 ADGY will be releasing a number of tracks that have already garnered interest from a number of major publishers and record labels.

“Lighter” is a bright and mellow song with a memorable hook that will probably make you sing along to it, but probably not as well as ADGY, whose vocal is impeccable on this track.

Check out our interview with ADGY about his song “Lighter” and listen to it below.


ADGY: At a certain point in every relationship we reach a point where we crave the spark in the relationship to be reignited, but we don’t know how to communicate that with our partner so we often stay silent and pull away – ‘wishing that things would change’.


ADGY: The track was inspired by two friends of mine who reached this point in their relationship and it sparked me to write “Lighter”.


ADGY: During the production stages, it was really challenging to finish the track because of Covid. In the end, I ended up co-producing the track remotely with my Swedish friend Simon Jacobsson who is an extremely talented producer and engineer. He really took the song to the next level in terms of production!


ADGY: Lighter reminds me of that Lana Del Rey remix “summertime sadness”, where the lyrics are quite sad, but you can help but feel elated with the melody. That was the style I was going for and I feel like that push and pull between the lyrics and melody make it quite tense.

I think each listener will feel differently when listening to the song. I’m guessing each person will relate (or not) in a different kind of way. Some people might find meaning in it, others might relate to being on the receiving end of the story in the track. I don’t really know what they will feel, but I hope they feel something.


ADGY: I think it’s a good song to listen to on a drive, or if you’re going out for a walk, or maybe even if you’re just chilling at home on your own


ADGY: This track is my first ‘solo’ single release as an artist so I’m really proud of it and excited for it to be out. I’m also planning to release a video to accompany the track down the line.

Listen to and enjoy the new single below!

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