7 New R&B/Soul Songs To Enjoy This Week // 25.05.21

Hello music lover, it’s Elliott Nielson here with seven selections released in the past week to soothe, move and groove you. There’s so much music coming out at the minute seeing as our favourite artists have been locked away for a whole year so let’s waste no time and get into it.

1. Magi Merlin – To The Beach 

Montréal-based contemporary soul artist, Magi Merlin shares her sexy new single, “To The Beach”. Taken from her larger body of work titled Weather Music, she laces her graceful and buoyant harmonies in a perfect combination for fans of SZA, Nao and April + Vista. This song is about shedding people and parts of us that no longer help us; in the process of growing more vulnerable, we find our truest form of self and confidence.

It’s empowered, sexy and the video has layers of depth that are both sexy and philosophically invigorating.

If you want to support Magi Merlin head to her Bandcamp.


2. Erika de Casier – Polite

Her new album Sensational dropped earlier this week so despite this single’s April release date we need it in this week’s selection. Erika de Casier is a gem encased in quicksilver like a y2k R&B CD waiting to be found in a backstreet charity shop. With plenty of UK Garage influence and silky SWV, TLC, NSYNC textures Erika de Casier is for any millennial who misses Destiny’s Child and their tamagotchi.

Erika de Casier e Ramos Lizardo is a Portuguese-born Danish singer, songwriter, and record producer. She began her career performing as half of the duo Saint Cava. Now she hits us with the most gorgeously y2k aesthetic since hello kitty flip phones and Heath Ledger.

Support the new album on Bandcamp.

 3. JP Cooper – Holy Water

If the selection thus far has been a little too sexy for you, perhaps JP Cooper can cleanse you with his new track “Holy Water”. JP Cooper’s new album contemporary soul-pop album is enriched with the warm pew-filling vocals and organs JP grew to love growing up as a Catholic.

His raw blues voice has seen him flourish successfully on platforms like Majestic and Mahogany sessions over the year due to his ability to play and perform acoustically. This records about getting back up from the hard times so shout out to you if you need this a little right about now.


4. AUDREY NUNA feat. Saba – Top Again 

“Liquid breakfast” is the sonically fluid project from Audrey Nuna. At just 22 Audrey Chu, comes across punchy, poetic and full of 90s nostalgia. I’m blown away by this collaboration between this poetic pairing to be honest with you. Audrey is sublime. Her angelic vocal tones still hold a firm presence amidst her slick, futuristic R&B.

Saba is a gifted wordsmith and comes with an effortless flow to bolster this groundbreaking record.

Support Audrey on her cool ass website: https://www.audreynuna.com/

5. Q – Want

Released today as part of the Shave Experiment: The Director’s Cut, “Want” is the new and funky groove from 21 year old Floridian man, Q. Making soul music straight from the heart has become habit for this shining young virtuoso of drums, bass and guitar. Steve Lacy comparisons aside, Q’s self produced style is steeped in enough soft spoken intimacy to make Twitter blush but he still manages to come with enough raw funk to set him apart from the rest. His evolving lyricism plays around in a manner akin to Kendrick with his precision of flow and killer choruses. I’m in love.

6. Masego – Yebo/Sema

Lots of South African House influence on this gorgeous record from Saxophonist and Vocalist, Masego, who many readers will know from his popular record with FKJ, “Tadow”. Masego’s Deluxe EP Studying Abroad: Extended Stay sees him add five tracks to his 2020 album to the delight of many listeners around the world.

With stunning visuals of the artist out in the elements in his element, this whole package is a dose of warm-hearted vibe that will cure any bad vibes lurking around your house and heart this evening.


7. Durand Jones & The Indications – Witchoo

These men have been on my radar for a couple of years for their 50s soul style. This week they’re hitting us with the funk and man it feels good. Party season is here and they are reveling in the ecstasy of the dance floor. With some double-time Uptown rapping for toe-tapping, you better jump on this groove before it steals your woman.


In case you missed last week’s recommendations, here’s a link to the https://www.musicumpire.co.uk/7-rb-soul-songs-to-enjoy-this-week/ 

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