7 New Pop Songs To Enjoy This Week // 01.06.21

Wave goodbye to the month of May with these seven newly released pop songs. We’ve gathered together tracks from Griff and Audrey Mika, plus more new music for you to discover this week.  Just press play and enjoy.

Hannah Slavin – “I Don’t Have a Clue”

Scottish singer Hannah Slavin invites us to her “pity party.” Slavin wrote “I Don’t Have a Clue” in lockdown, which explains lines like “I’m losing myself in these four walls.” There’s an attention-grabbing glitchy style to those jerky vocal lines.


George Cosby – “Day In Day Out”

George Cosby’s unique, rich singing voice seems to belong in a bygone era. The new video for “Day In Day Out” shows off the beauty of the British countryside.


Louis Dunford – “Ballad of Benjamin”

The unflinchingly raw track was written and recorded by Louis Dunford to raise awareness of the impact knife crime has on young people. Dunford lost his friend Ben at age 16. The sombre stripped-down guitar-led backing lends the song a Frank Turner and acoustic Ed Sheeran vibe.


Sam Feldt & Sam Fischer – “Pick Me Up”

This pair of Sams have joined forces to make an uplifting dance-pop track produced by Feldt. The catchy chorus sung by Australian singer-songwriter Fischer makes for an even catchier synth line. Can you picture the crowd jumping?


Griff – “One Foot In Front of the Other”

Another genius pop song from fast-rising Griff, complete with intricately designed video. Production quirks like artfully-applied autotune add her unique stamp to the track – Griff produces her own music.


Half.alive – “TIME 2”

Creative, spiraling sounds from three-piece pop band Half.alive. Voice effects give “TIME 2” a trippy feel, building to an epic chorus.


Audrey Mika – “Alive”

The video to “Alive” is the first time Audrey Mika has shown off her talent from her previous dancing career. “Alive” sees Mika celebrating herself, letting her vocals soar above the stripped down piano sound.

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