15 Underrated Tunes of 2018

1. Lewis Capaldi – “Grace”

Expected to be a big star this year by major publications, Lewis Capaldi is a singer-songwriter from Scotland who knows how to deliver great power ballads into people’s ears, with his song “Grace” being a great example. His song “Someone You Loved” triggered the huge attention he is receiving now, but “Grace” is just as good and we would argue probably even better, hence why it’s underrated.

2. Estelle ft. Maleek Berry – “Meet Up”

Estelle has released many big tunes over her successful career in music such as “American Boy”, however, we haven’t heard much music from her over recent years. Her tune “Meet Up” featuring afrobeats artist Maleek Berry went very under radar in 2018 despite being an awesome tune. The afrobeat and reggae influences in the tune fit what is hot in the current music scene as well, so it was surprising that we didn’t hear on many radio stations across the world.

3. Nao – “Drive and Disconnect”

Nao is one of the most talented singer-songwriters in the world at the moment. However, the attention she receives feels very underwhelming. Every tune she drops is literally fantastic and it’s just a shame that soul and R&B music is not as popular as it use to be because if it was, Nao would be a major worldwide superstar. “Drive and Disconnect” is one her many underrated tunes that she released in 2018.

4. Zack Knight – “Bills”

Zack Knight is one of those relatively unknown artists who have built a solid and loyal fan base without the media superstar attention. He has an appetite for releasing catchy tunes and his tune “Bills” is definitely catchy, so catchy that it’s underrated.

5. Jaden Smith – “Goku”

Jaden Smith has really established himself as a rapper over the last few years and has managed to create a brand for himself that separates him from his father Will Smith. He is an interesting character who loves releasing random creative tunes occasionally “Goku” was one of those random tunes that was underrated.

6. Jack & Jack – “No One Compares To You”

Pop duo Jack & Jack came into prominence recently with their hit record “Rise” with UK producer Jonas Blue. This tune “No One Compares To You” is a strong following that should have put them up there in the same breath as other chart-topping pop artists, but somehow they are overlooked slightly.

7. Harper – “Vibe”

This song stoodout when I listened to it on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist, however, outside of Spotify this song is pretty much nowhere to be heard, which may be decision from Harper and/or her management team. Just like the name, the song is a vibe that gets you in a hyped mood. Hopefully, Harper releases more songs like this in the near future.

8. Nina Nesbitt – “Colder”

Early in her music career Nina Nesbitt would have been boxed into being deemed a folk or acoustic artist. However, her latest releases including “Colder” show that she is reinvented herself as a pop artist and really good one. The solid songwriting skills she has gained from being the stereotypical folk artist has definitely made her transition into making catchy pop songs very easy. “Colder” is a chilled song with a sad theme but enlightening mood due to the instrumentation used which balances it out into a delightful listen. Hopefully more people will recognise Nina Nesbitt as a top popstar to watch out for in the near future.

9. Vic Mensa – “Dark Things”

Chicago rapper Vic Mensa’s career over the last few years has been filled and fueled by drama with media personalities such as DJ Akademiks and his poorly timed indirect diss towards XXTENTACION at the BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher, along with her personal issues he has had to overcome. Despite all of the negative media, Vic Mensa is fighting on with his rap career and making some good underrated music, most recently his latest project Hooligans which featured this song “Dark Things”. Due to the negative media he has received this song including other recent tunes have definitely been overlooked and over here at MusicUmpire we don’t overlook good music.

10.  UMI – “Remember Me”

UMI is a new singer-songwriter and by default most songs by new artist will go under the radar. This song has picked up solid momentum from people who are fans of this type of music, but outside of those type people, most people wouldn’t have heard this song or wouldn’t know who UMI is. It’s a beautifully written heartbreak song that instantly gets you in a melancholy contemplative mood.

11. Brasstracks ft. Pell – “Vibrant”

Brasstracks consistently dope tracks on SoundCloud and collaborate with supertalented artists. However, if you are not on SoundCloud, you wouldn’t really know their full musical journey and collection of bangers, remixes and so forth. Their staple trumpet-based instrumentals flow very vibrantly through this called “Vibrant”, where rapper Pell drops some superb bars to make this song dope.

12. ¿Téo? – “Mari-knee-jah”

If you are a fan of Jaden Smith or Willow Smith you may be aware of Teo who is frequent collaborator with the Smith family. The producer and singer-songwriter has been making some awesome music himself and this song “Mari-knee-jah” is definitely one of them. “Mari-knee-jah” is a pure chill vibe that hip hop soul lovers would truly appreciate.

13. Joyce Wrice – Blurred Lines

Joyce Wrice is one of those superb R&B/Soul who have gone under the radar due to the lack of exposure the genre has received this decade. “Blurred Lines” is another chill vibe that is really soothing on the ear and really should be a more popular tune. Hopefully with more awesome releases we will be hearing about Joyce Wrice on bigger platforms and showcases.

14. Masego – Lady Lady

Masego debut album was absolutely brilliant and it definitely deserves more recognition because he is true artist who writes, produces, sings and raps his own songs. Songs such as “Tadow” and “Queen Tings” from his debut album Lady Lady are his more popular tunes, but this tune “Lady Lady” shouldn’t be overlooked at all. It’s a silky smooth elegant tune that his crafted perfectly for moody nights, jazz clubs and coffee bars.

15. Demo Taped ft. Jaira Burns – Everyone Else

Atlanta based electronic pop artist Demo Taped has knack for making catchy pop melodies and “Everyone Else” featuring up and coming pop R&B artist Jaira Burns is definitely fits that mould. The simplicity and mid-tempo pace of the song are not aligned with songs that topping the pop charts and it is probably the reason why there wasn’t much noise about this awesome tune.

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